Impacted Area(s) Description  Status Created Date PI Impact
Oracle Procurement

Document Details Page Linked from Approval Notification Shows No Information - When you navigate to a purchase order from an approval notification, the document details page shows no information. Oracle has identified this as a bug that is expected to be resolved in a future patch/update.

Workaround - Review the purchase order PDF attached to the approval notification for purchase order details. To view it online, you can navigate to the purchasing document in the Purchasing application.

Expected resolution: April 2024

In Progress 3/21/2024

High - PIs may not have access to Purchasing in Oracle, so they rely heavily on the PO link in the notification to show PO details.


Oracle Procurement

Punchout Purchase Orders Excluding Certain Requisition Lines - Approved punchout requisitions should automatically convert to purchase orders. Oracle has identified a bug that is causing some approved requisitions lines to be excluded when the purchase order is created.

Workaround - As a workaround, the department buyer should manually create a purchase order for any missing requisition lines until this bug is resolved by Oracle. This can be done by navigating to the Process Requisitions page in the Purchase Orders infotile.

Expected resolution: Pending ETA from Oracle

In Progress 3/21/2024 Medium - the manual workaround could cause delays in ordering on behalf of PIs.
PPM Projects

Unprocessed Costs - PPM strictly enforces business rules to ensure costs are within project start and end dates.  When a cost is passed to PPM that is outside of the project start and end dates, it results in an “unprocessed cost” error and the transaction cannot post to the contract or grant. 

More Information: link

Expected Resolution: Ongoing, with guidance    

Ongoing, with guidance     3/22/2024 High - This has been treated as high priority.
Non-Salary Cost Transfer (NCT)

The Non-Salary Cost Transfer Tool occasionally encounters an issue displaying the error message "No Valid Budget" even when valid COAs are inputted.

Expected Resolution:  TBD

In Progress 3/22/2024 High - Can cause delays in moving costs to the correct COA.
Oracle GL and PPM

Resolved 3/15/2024

On March 13, a system error caused a 6x duplicate journal entry in Oracle GL and PPM. Accounting promptly posted reversals to both modules. Though the duplicate data will be seen in Oracle and Looker, end balances should be correct due to the respective reversals. No further action is required.

Resolved 3/15/2024 3/13/2024 None - duplicate transactions were already reversed, and will not impact end balances


Resolved 3/15/2024 - 2:30pm

Since Friday 3/15 at 9:00AM PST, an issue with our tax calculation engine for Oracle Procurement and Payables, ONESOURCE, is preventing users from submitting Requisitions, Purchase Orders, and/or PO Change Orders. PLEASE DO NOT PROCESS REQUISITIONS, PURCHASE ORDERS, and/or PO CHANGE ORDERS UNTIL INDICATED HERE

More Information: link

Expected Resolution: Resolved within hours

Resolved 3/15/2024 3/15/2024 HIGH - PIs will note able to transact new or changed procurement-related transactions until resolved.
Concur PCard

As of Monday April 8 at 4 PM PST, conquer is indicating that users can begin submitting PCard Statements Expense Reports, even if multiple statements exist for a given statement, as long as TRANSACTIONS in each statement are not duplicate.

If you find duplicate transactions, please do not proceed, and submit a ticket for review.

More Information: link

Resolved 4/08/2024 3/11/2024  

High - This has been treated as high priority defect.

Non-Salary Cost Transfer (NCT)

During COA selection, Activity codes are either not appearing in the drop down menu, or when selected, only part of the Activity code characters show, and it does not pass COA Validation. 
More information: link

Expected Resolution: 4/1/24 

In Progress 2/28/2024 Low - No direct impact noted
Concur & ePay

Resolved 3/15/2024

Approximately 2,000 employee supplier records are missing supplier names due to an incomplete file our campus received from UCPath on 2/24/24. 

More information: link

Resolved 3/15/2024 2/27/2024 Moderate - some employee reimbursement may be delayed.

Draft Watermark Appears on the PO Attached to the Document in FYI Notification - This issue has been identified by Oracle as a bug and will be resolved in a future Oracle Release (May/June).

More information: link

Expected Resolutions: May/June

In Progress 2/17/2024 Low - No direct impact noted. 
Concur & ePay

RESOLVED 2/13/24

Impact23 project team members became aware of a new issue where some active suppliers were not being returned for selection in either ePay or Guest Traveler (for Concur), or may have shown up incorrectly as an “inactivated vendor”. ​

More information: link

Resolved 2/13/24 2/13/2024 Low - No direct impact noted
Financial Reporting

Are the reports accurate? Yes, the reports do accurately reflect the costs that have been posted in the system, however please do review other known issues to see what costs are still pending posting.

More information: link

Expected Resolution: Ongoing, with guidance and possible feature enhancements.

In Progress 12/8/2023 Moderate - known issues and parameters will impact data and available balances within reports.

Resolved. All entries completed by 3/14/2024 for February ledgers.
June recording of payroll-related costs to incorrect Chart of Accounts. All phases have been completed. Proposed corrections based on position funding will be distributed to Colleges/Schools/Organizational Units.

More information: link

Resolved 3/14/2024

10/13/2023 Moderate - certain payroll costs not reflected on Contracts and Grants. 
Procurement and Accounts Payable

Resolved 2/19/2024

Users reported significant delays when approving purchasing requisitions, due to Oracle requesting repeat approvals several times for the same requisition. 

More information: link

Resolved 2/19/2024

8/1/2023 High - this can prevent payment of invoices and posting of costs on contracts and grants. Alternatively, pending PO payments can be seen as commitments in PPM.
Concur & ePay

Faculty with a primary appointment less than 50% and/or where UCR is not their primary location may not have an Employee Supplier record and/or cannot receive electronic payments. 

More information: link

Expected Resolution: April, 30 2024

In Progress 9/15/2023 Medium - newly onboarded faculty with primary appt. at another campus may have some payment delays, and won't receive electronic payments.
PPM Projects

Synchronize full award amount in PPM with Kuali. 

More information: link

Expected Resolution: Ongoing on converted awards

In Progress 11/1/2023 Low - award balances may be overstated on a small subset of awards.
PPM Projects

Award overview page, there are some inconsistencies where it's not reflecting updates to project budgets. 

More information: link

Expected Resolution:  TBD

In Progress 12/13/2023 Low - Caution must be taken because the award overview page may not be displaying accurate budget information; the actuals is accurate. The Review section has reliable information on the project budget.
PPM Projects

PPM Cost Sharing Data for PPM - Cost sharing data as of 6/30, with remaining balances to be entered in PPM budget. Additional guidance to come regarding how to code expenses to cost sharing projects.

More information: link

Expected Resolution: TBD

In Progress 11/1/2023 Low - Incomplete financial information on cost sharing commitments in PPM.


Resolved 3/4/2024
PCard expenses incorrectly reversing charges originally charged. The reversals are showing up with the same date as the original charge and "vendor charge tax" is included in the description. Resolved in March, but posted to the February ledgers.

More information: link

Resolved 3/4/2024 1/12/2024 High - The charges are not showing correctly in reporting expenses understated and balances overstated


Financial Reporting

Concur expense reports (Travel, non-travel, and PCard) were not paid and not appearing in ledger or Looker. These expense reports cannot be imported into Accounts Payable module to pay and feed to the ledger due to various errors. ​

More information: link

Expected Resolution: TBD

Ongoing, with guidance 9/27/2023 High - Known issues can impact data and available balances within reports
Financial Reporting

Difficulties reconciling the Financial Transaction Detail Report to the Purchase Order Encumbrance Balance Report due to reporting of project burden costs (IDC). We are currently reviewing and assessing options to modify reports as well as working on providing additional guidance on understanding the Oracle version of the reports.

More Information: link

Expected Resolution: Ongoing

In Progress 1/25/2024  

If issues other than the items described above are encountered, please submit a support ticket .  Suggestions for enhancements may also be submitted via a support ticket; these suggestions will be evaluated and prioritized for future releases.

Past Issues

  • Resolved Issues Through Additional Guidance
    Work Area Issue Summary Description and Workaround Status Created Date
    Concur Travel
    and Expense
    Approver Workflow Errors

    To help us identify and address the various problems, if you encounter a workflow issue, we kindly request your cooperation in trying the following troubleshooting scenarios before submitting a ticket. If you have a pending ticket after completing the steps in the guidance, please update your ticket with the findings or a comment that the issue is resolved, as your feedback helps confirm resolution.

    An additional issue was identified with processing expense reports that have multiple allocations, where the report may have been getting stuck in the "Pending ERP Validation" status. When the COA validation issue was resolved, any expense reports stuck in the "pending ERP validation" status proceeded without requiring further department action.

    Note: that this "Pending ERP Validation" workflow step comes before any Financial Previewer and/or Financial Approver approval stops, so if any report is pending approval action in your respective queues, please take action to move it forward. 


    View Guidance

    System deployment delayed
    Guest Traveler Routing is now available!
    The process for establishing Guest Travelers is as follows:
    1. Confirm the supplier/payee is "Spend Authorized" in the Oracle Supplier portal.
    2. Concur Delegates can associate the non-employee traveler with the appropriate accountability structure in Guest Traveler Routing
    3. Confirm with your Dept. SAA that the dept. has established an "ALL" record for Concur Routing in EACS.


    View Guidance

    Supplier Portal Individual Payee Profile

    We have received inquiries from individual payees regarding difficulties accessing the Oracle Supplier Portal and creating their supplier profile for payment issuance.
    To address this concern, our program team has developed a guide specifically designed to assist payees who are not involved in procurement-related commodities (non-PO suppliers) or employment-related services, such as non-employee payees receiving stipends, refunds, reimbursements, etc. Additionally, webinars were completed for Supplier/Payees pending completion of their profile.

    An alternate process is in progress for reimbursing guests, honorariums, and non-employee payees.


    View Guidance

    Concur Incomplete Supplier Records Causing Delays Incomplete supplier records causing delays.
    More information: link
    Expected Resolution: 10/31/2023


    View Guidance

    Procurement & Accounts Payable Unpaid Invoices

    Invoices could not be paid when there were quantity and pricing discrepancies between the PO created and the invoice and/or if the PO was not marked as received by the ordering department. 

    Guidance has been created to support updating quantity and/or pricing, as well as POETAF Updates and Lump Sum Updates for suppliers who have pricing that varies (such as AirGas). 

    PI Impact - High - this can prevent payment of invoices and posting of costs on contracts and grants. Alternatively, pending PO payments can be seen as commitments in PPM.


    View Guidance: 

    Invoice Hold

    POETAF Updates

    Lump Sum Updates

    Financial Reporting Encumbrance timing on reports The encumbrance report did not provide options for running for an accounting period.  Instead, the data was as of the date run.  Due to the timing, the encumbrance balances may not have matched the encumbrance balance on the Financial Transaction Details report and/or Looker queries. Resolved 12/06/2023
    PPM Projects Intermittent issue with Notification Report for Budget Change for Award.

    Intermittent issue with Notification Report for Budget Change for Award.

    More information: link

    Expected Resolution: Resolved with Guidance

    PI Impact - Low; Questions regarding COA chartstings should be directed to the department analyst.

    Resolved 12/01/2023
    PPM Projects Kuali interface to PPM for award updates and new awards has been failing. 

    Special characters caused failure in the interface between Kuali and PPM. The current failure has been resolved, but if special characters are used in the future they could cause the interface between PPM and Kuali to fail again. 

    More information: link

    High - Award updates and new awards not available within PPM since 12/12/2023

    Resolved .12/12/2023

    Financial Reporting
    Concur expense reports (Travel, non-travel, and PCard) were not paid and not appearing in ledger or Looker.

    Concur expense reports (Travel, non-travel, and PCard) were not paid and not appearing in ledger or Looker. These expense reports could not be imported into Accounts Payable module to pay and feed to ledger due to various errors. Click the link below for more information. 

    More information: link

    High - Known issues can impact data and available balances within reports

    Resolved 9/27/2023


  • Resolved Issues - Closed


    Work Area Issue Summary Description and Workaround Status Created Date
    ePay The withdrawal feature in ePay unavailable The issue was reported that the withdrawal feature in ePay was unavailable. Resolved 7/17/2023
    Concur Travel
    and Expense

    Request/Expense Reports
    stuck in workflow

    A one-time cutover issue occurred where Concur users submitted an Expense Report into the workflow before certain data, such as the Financial Approver, was fully updated. Consequently, the Expense Report was stuck and unable to proceed to final approval. These reports were returned to the respective users for subsequent resubmission. The resubmitted Expense Report now has the appropriate approvers assigned in the workflow. Resolved 7/10/2023
    Oracle Financials: Procurement Punchout PO Transmission to Supplier An issue existed regarding the transmission of Purchase Orders (POs) to punchout Suppliers in Oracle Procurement. All orders generated since go-live have been effectively communicated to the respective suppliers for fulfillment. As a result, no further action is required from the departments. Resolved  7/10/2023
    Oracle Financials: Procurement Issue Resolved for
    Auto-rejection of Requisitions and POs 
    Auto-rejection errors are resolved for Departments that have established Transactors/Financial Approvers at the Org-level vs. the Department-level. In cases where routing is set up solely at the Org-level, the Requisition/PO will now search up the Accountability Structure and locate routing up to the Org-level. Resolved  7/10/2023
    Oracle Financials Invoice Approval Notifications Department Fiscal Approvers were receiving notifications for invoices outside their Accountability Structure.  Resolved 7/10/2023
    UC Learning Center Issues accessing FINANCE ADMINISTRATION AND PRACTICES (Impact23 online and live training) in the UC Learning Center

    An upgrade of the UC Learning Center took place overnight July 14-15. Afterwards, we were made aware of an issue that recently published activities were missing from the library and search results.

    Resolved 7/17/2023
    Oracle Financials: Procurement

    Punchout PO Transmission
    to CDW & Grainger

    The issue regarding transmitting Purchase Orders (POs) to punchout Suppliers in Oracle Procurement has been successfully resolved. All orders generated since the go-live phase have been effectively communicated to the respective suppliers for fulfillment. As a result, no further action is required from the departments, with the exception of new orders for suppliers CDW and Grainger:

    Grainger PunchOut: Please note the Grainger issue is resolved, and orders are in the process of being re-communicated to the supplier. 

    CDW PunchOut: Due to communication issues,
    CDW is not receiving UCR purchase orders. Please be aware that this issue is on the supplier side and unrelated to Oracle, and resolution is expected this week. To temporarily overcome this situation, we recommend the following workaround:

    After creating the Purchase Order (PO), Department Transactors can download the PDF version of the PO and manually send a copy to the respective supplier via email. 

    Resolved 7/13/2023
    Balance Sheet Transaction Details Report Pending Data If no transactions were posted for FY2024, the report would not generate. The Carryforward balance from FY2023 did not show up until August 2023 before July 2023 ledgers were closed. Resolved 7/21/2023
    Financial Transaction Details Report Payroll Posting Error The latest payroll file was posted to the general ledger; however, the payroll transactions related to Project Portfolio Management (PPM Grants) were rejected. Due to these rejections, the entire file was reversed from the general ledger as it was incomplete and lacked the C&G payroll expenses. The file was reloaded to the general ledger and PPM. 
    The UCR process for retrieving and posting UCPath journals into Oracle Financials and details in the new data warehouse (Looker) experienced technical issues that were preventing the posting of payroll journals in the GL.
    Resolved 7/25/2023
    Looker Finance and Payroll Distribution There was an issue in the deployment of the Looker application for Finance and Payroll Distribution reporting. Resolved 8/1/2023
    Oracle Financials Inactive Users Some users reported difficulties accessing Oracle Financials or selecting themselves or their approvers for transaction processing. This issue stemmed from the integration with UCPath data. Resolved 8/17/2023
    Oracle Financials Receipt through notifications is failing Receivers attempted to mark items as received via the Oracle notification, but Oracle would not recognize those updates. Deloitte discovered the root cause and has fixed this problem in PROD. Department Receivers should now go into their most recent Oracle notification to make items as received and ignore any of the older notifications. Resolved 8/21/2023
    Oracle Financials & Looker - Finance Payroll Journal was not Reversed in Total Payroll Journal is not Reversed in Total. The data issue was in Oracle Financials and the associated Financial Transaction Detail Report and Looker - Finance.  Looker - Payroll details are correct. Resolved 8/21/2023
    Oracle Financials: Procurement Requisition Approvals Users reported that their requisitions were experiencing a bottleneck in the approval process. Specifically, department transactors informed us that despite multiple approvals, the requisition was persistently cycling back to them for further approval. This occured instead of progressing to the Department Approver (fiscal approver) as expected. Resolved 8/15/2023
    Oracle Financials Inactive Users Some users reported difficulties accessing Oracle Financials or selecting themselves or their approvers for transaction processing. This issue stemmed from the integration with UCPath data. Access has been restored. Resolved 8/17/2023
    Asset Management System (AMS) Scheduled Conversion The system conversion commenced on 7/31 and continued until 8/18.  Resolved 7/31/2023
    Concur Travel and Expense Missing Projects Project codes that fell outside their designated start and end dates were inaccessible in Concur. Adjustments to the business rules were made. The aim was to enable "active" awards to remain accessible even outside of their project start/end dates to reconcile expenses incurred within the project's designated time frame. Resolved 7/31/2023
    Oracle Financials - Procurement PO Communication
    Failed Notifications

    Oracle was generating 'PO Communication Failed' notifications to buyers, despite the successful transmission of the purchase order to the supplier.

    This problem was introduced with the latest Oracle release on August 25th. We want to inform you that a patch has resolved this issue.

    Users can BCC themselves when using the Oracle Communication Method to send purchase orders. This will help ensure they receive confirmation and maintain visibility on the order.