Concur Training 

Attend training to give you a better understanding of the travel system functionality and the related processes and procedures to take full advantage of the system. Once you've completed training, attend Office Hours for continuing education on Concur, share knowledge, and obtain assistance from the Accounts Payable Team as we transition to Concur.

Course Description Format Duration
Travel &
Entertainment Card
If you plan to travel or entertain on behalf of UC Riverside, you should apply for a Travel & Entertainment (T&E) Card. This training is required in order to apply for and use a T&E Card.

If you support T&E Cardholders and want to learn more about the request process, card requirements, and allowable usage, this training is for you too!


20 min

Online eCourse

Concur Travel
and Expense 

This course was initially presented as a virtual instructor-led training for Travel Arrangers and employees who travel, arrange, or approve business travel to further their understanding of pre-trip authorization, booking travel via Concur, paying with the Travel & Entertainment Card, and how to take advantage of mobile tools. Additionally, this course provides an overview of:

  • UC travel policy and card requests
  • Pre-Trip requests and travel booking 
  • Concur processes for reporting travel expenses on an expense report


*Timestamps are available to help you quickly find topics within the recording

3 hr

Watch the 
Recorded Training

Concur Travel Booking
& Agent Services

This course was initially presented as a virtual instructor-led training focusing on the online booking tool known as Concur Travel and the best practices for navigating and optimizing travel booking searches. The course also details the options for utilizing self-service vs. agent services.

As a reminder, Anthony Travel is UC Riverside’s preferred Travel Management Company (TMC), specializing in university business travel, athletic department travel, and study abroad programs.

This training is recommended for UC Riverside Travelers who initiate travel bookings in Concur Travel or with an Agent and for Travel Arrangers who support UCR employee and non-employee travelers (guests) with travel arrangements and reimbursement.


1 hr

Watch the
Recorded Training