1. Before using Concur

Before using Concur Travel and Expense for the first time, you must update your profile by clicking the "Profile" link, then "Profile Settings" in the top right corner of the Concur homepage after Signing Into Concur. Through Updating your Concur Profile you can verify your email address, enable e-receipts, add your personal travel preferences, as well as update emergency contact information. An updated profile is critical and will really enhance your travel & expense experience and support your department Travel Arranger.

2. Create and Submit a Pre-Trip Travel Request

The Request module in Concur is used to create, prepare, and submit a pre-trip travel request. Departmental practices for managing pre-trip requests vary; please coordinate with your department/Travel Arranger to determine which scenario is the best practice for their users.

  • Scenario 1: Traveler Creates the Pre-Trip Travel Request
    • See detailed instructions: Pre-Trip Travel Request 
    • When the request is complete, use the print/share feature to email your Travel Arranger prior to submitting the request to request an initial review
    • Address any updates identified during the initial review
    • When the pre-trip request is ready, determine if you or your Travel Arranger will click the “Submit Report” button, then “Accept and Continue.”
  • Scenario 2: Traveler/Travel Arranger Jointly Create the Pre-Trip Travel Request 
    • Traveler creates the Pre-Trip Travel Request in Concur and adds their expected travel expenses, then emails their Travel Arranger to add FAU funding sources, verify documentation, and submit the request: Quick Start Pre-Trip Travel Request
    • When the request is complete, use the print/share feature to email your Travel Arranger prior to submitting the report to request an initial review
    • Your Travel Arranger will email you to address their questions or for additional supporting documentation.
    • When the pre-trip request is ready, your Travel Arranger will submit the request on your behalf.
  • Scenario 3: Travel Arranger Creates the Pre-Trip Travel Request
    • Your Delegate Travel Arranger will determine the best way to capture the information needed to complete the Pre-Trip Travel Request and enter the information in Concur on your behalf - e.g., Travel Dates, Destination(s), Estimated Expenses, etc.

3. Make Reservations & Book Travel 

Booking a trip on Concur Travel is similar to how you would book a personal trip online. The Concur Travel module allows users to book travel that can include Flight, Rental Car, and/or Hotel. As a reminder, the university's new travel management company is Anthony Travel. View booking options below:

  • Concur Travel (preferred): The Travel module in Concur is the preferred method of booking University travel.
  • Anthony Travel Agent (preferred): Call for phone assistance if the trip includes multiple stops or other complexities
  • Other Arrangements: Travel arrangements made outside of the Concur website or Travel Agent allowed, but processed as out-of-pocket expenses (not eligible for University direct-billing) - e.g., BCD Travel, ConnexUC, etc.

4. Create and Submit an Expense Report

Expense Reports are required in Concur for travel reimbursements.

  • Scenario 1: Traveler Creates and Submits an Expense Report 
      • Detailed instructions coming soon
    • When the expense report is complete, use the print/share feature to email your Travel Arranger to request an initial review
    • Address any updates identified during the initial review
    • When the expense report is ready, click the "Submit Report” button.
  • Scenario 2: Traveler/Travel Arranger Jointly Create the Expense Report
    • Travel Arranger creates the Expense Report from an approved Pre-Trip Travel Request in Concur.
    • Travel Arranger will work with you to determine the most effective way to populate expenses -e.g., Paying with a T&E Card, Using the Mobile App to upload receipts, entering your out of pocket expenses directly in Concur, etc.). 
    • When the report is compiled, you may be asked to use the print/share feature to email your Travel Arranger prior to submitting the report for a review
    • When the expense report is finalized, click the "Submit Report” button.
  • Scenario 3: Travel Arranger Creates the Expense Report
    • Email a list of itemized receipts with proof of payment to your Travel Arranger. Include a statement and document to confirm the business purpose. Your Delegate Travel Arranger will compile the expense report in Concur and email you when it is ready for review. Faculty can then log in to Concur to review and submit the report.

Additional Guidance

  • Anthony Travel Agent-Assisted Support
    Agent-Assisted Support

    For assistance with your reservations, cancellations and/or changes, please work in partnership with your department Travel Arranger and UCR's dedicated Anthony Travel account manager:

    Josie Castillo
    (909) 321-3588 ext. 2046
    Hours: 8am - 5pm PST, Monday - Friday

    After Hours Support
    If you are calling after 5pm PT and require assistance with your trip, please contact a CCRA after-hours representative at (800) 530-2560 and give your VIT code S3T2F.

    Anthony Travel Fees

    Review the University Business Travel Transaction Fee Chart below for a complete description of Business Travel transaction fees booked via Concur Travel or with an Anthony Travel agent over the phone.  

    Type of Service Transaction 
    Service Fee 
    Full Service Agent 

    Each domestic airline ticket (including exchanges) 


    Each international airline ticket (including exchanges) 


    Each group domestic airline ticket (including exchanges) 


    Each group international airline ticket (including exchanges) 


    Each domestic or international rail ticket 


    Hotel reservation only 


    Car reservation only 


    Concur Travel (Online Booking Tool)* 

    Each domestic and international airline ticket 


    Hotel reservation only 


    Car reservation only 


    *If a traveler books their reservation in the Concur Travel Online Booking Tool and has a question requiring assistance from an agent, there is no upcharge for the call/consultation. If a traveler conducts a search in the OBT, but then needs assistance from an agent and the agent books and tickets the reservation, the $25/$35 agent fee is charged

  • Concur Mobile App
    Download the Concur Mobile App to Capture Expenses

    Concur has a free mobile app that allows you to take photos of your receipts using a smartphone. The receipt images will be uploaded into your Concur profile and will be available to attach to an expense report.

    • Login to the Concur mobile app using your verified UCR email address, then tap ExpenseIt, and take a photo of the receipt.
    • Photos of receipts create expense transactions in Concur
    • Automatically categorizes and itemizes (user can edit)
    • Mobile App Training: Learning to Use ExpenseIt

  • Concur Travel Checklist

    Before You Begin

    • Sign into Concur
    • Basic Navigation
    • Set Up Your Profile
    • Download the Concur App to Capture Expenses
    • Determine if a Travel & Entertainment Card is needed

    Planning Your Trip

    • Review G-28 Travel Policy
    • Complete a Pre-Trip Travel Request in Concur with Estimated Expenses
    • Make Travel Reservations in Concur or by Contacting an Anthony Travel Agent
    • Create an Expense Report from An Approved Request

    While Traveling

    • Pay with your Travel & Entertainment Card and assign incoming transactions to an Expense Report (if applicable)
    • Manage Receipts in the Concur Mobile App (optional)
    • Keep all itemized receipts for business expenses until the report is submitted and approved
    • Keep important contact information available at all times in case of emergency – ex. Anthony Travel After Hours Helpline

    After Your Trip

    • Complete and submit your Expense Report in Concur, consisting of expenses incurred during travel (meals, ground transportation, hotel, parking, etc.) within 30 days of your trip end date
    • Complete adding all captured expenses to the expense report
    • Review expense report for accuracy
    • Add any justification for expenses or other documentation to the report
    • Submit the report to the automated approval workflow
    For any questions about submitting your report, make sure you know who to contact in your department! 
  • Travel & Entertainment Card

    The new Corporate T&E Card is optional and issued to UC Riverside employees for their official business travel. The T&E Card provides several benefits to the cardholder and university, including:  

    • The card balance will be paid in full each billing cycle by the university 
    • Reduction of out-of-pocket expenses for travelers 
    • Access to transactional activity by the cardholder’s department  
    • Integration of card transactions to facilitate expense reporting in Concur
    • No late fees

    In partnership with your department leadership, determine if the T&E Card is right for you. To apply, complete the required Travel & Entertainment Card Training and the cardholder application using a Concur Request. To complete the card request: Concur Card Request

  • Travel Policy

    Read and understand the University’s Travel policy to be sure of compliance with University policies. Review G-28 Travel Regulations (

    • Concur has business rules built into the system to reinforce travel policies
      • For example, business or first class airfare may be authorized under certain circumstances, but documentation must be provided and the system requires additional approval routing
      • Add comments for yellow flag items to avoid payment delays and/or trip return
    • Check with your department and funding source to determine if there are other financial considerations/requirements that must be adhered to while traveling on university business
    • We want to ensure travelers are reimbursed timely for out-of-pocket travel expenses (and recommend charging the university directly when possible)
  • Resources for Help and Support

    Travel Support

    We recommend starting with your Travel Arranger or department Financial Manager to answer Concur system and travel-related questions. The Travel Support desk in Business and Financial Services is available to provide supplemental support to users and answer policy questions, technical or access issues, and T&E Card inquiries.  

    Website: Travel Support | Impact23 (

    Training and Other Materials

    Training and reference guides are available to provide additional guidance on completing various tasks in the Concur system. Please visit our webpage for trainings and additional reference materials.

    Website: Travel and Expense | Impact23 (

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