Pre-Trip Request

The Pre-Trip Request serves several purposes:  enables the “duty of care” for all university travelers (faculty, staff, students, and guest travelers); allows utilization of direct billing to the university when using our preferred travel management company (Anthony’s Travel); and enables utilization of features to easily associated of trip costs to expense reports.  Travelers or their designated Travel Arranger will submit Pre-Trip Requests before expense reports  can be created.  Information contained in the pre-trip request will automatically populate in the expense report, and can be updated as necessary.

Additional Details

  • All Travelers should complete their Concur Profile to ensure the best experience and access to system features.
  • Departments have the flexibility to determine if pre-trip requests are completed by Travel Arrangers or Travelers
    • Departments can also determine the timing of the pre-trip requests, however, some Concur functionality will not be available to Travelers, such as associating receipts to trips using the mobile application until a trip is actually exists in the system.
  • The Pre-Trip Request is best practice from a Duty of Care & Risk Management perspective (e.g., facilitates the gathering of information on planned and in-progress travel as global conditions change  in order to provide assistance as appropriate to our faculty, staff, student and/or guest travelers )
    • The goal of the pre-trip request is to facilitate access to Concur features while ensuring the university’s ability to assist travelers should an unexpected emergency happen (aka “duty of care”), such as the 2020 COVID-related travel restrictions.
  • Travel Arrangers can book travel using a university direct charge card by entering an approved pre-trip Request ID in Concur Travel when creating airfare reservations.
  • Non-employee travelers do not have access to Concur at this time. Travel Arrangers will create and submit Pre-Trip Requests and Expense reports on a guest traveler's behalf. 
  • If travel is international and federally funded, please ensure the airfare complies with the Fly America Act guidance to avoid frustration later. Using our preferred travel management company (Anthony’s Travel) can help identify allowable flights purchased with federal funds.
  • Pre-Trip Requests do not automatically close after the Travel End Date; please cancel the request if the trip did not occur.

Create & Submit a Pre-Trip Request 

  • Create a Pre-Trip Request in Concur
  • Complete the minimal information required (header  add estimated expenses) and submit
  • Travelers can book their travel using the on-line booking tool accessible directly in Concur with our preferred travel management company (Anthony’s Travel), other UC travel companies (BCD, UCTC), or other providers. It is highly recommended that frequent employee travelers apply for the Corporate T&E card to avoid out of pocket expenses.  Alternatively, designated Travel Arrangers can book air travel in Concur Travel for direct payment by the University
  • Use the approved Pre-Trip Request to Create an Expense Report