How do reimbursements get processed?


All employees facilitate reimbursement (travel and non-travel expenses) by completing an Expense Report in Concur and submitting it through Concur's automated approval workflow. Anyone with a valid & active HR record will have a Concur profile. 

If actively employed by UC Riverside, please ensure that your address and Direct Deposit information are up to date in your UCPath profile. Please ensure this information is updated before submitting a reimbursement report in Concur for accurate processing.

Non-Employees (Guest Travelers and Students)

All non-employee reimbursements (travel and non-travel expenses) for guest travelers and students not employed by UC Riverside are facilitated by completing an Expense Report in Concur and submitting it through Concur's automated approval workflow. A Concur Delegate in the non-employees department (accountability structure) will need to complete this on their behalf as a delegate.

Delegates should invite the non-employee to register as a supplier in the Oracle Supplier portal and then submit requests and expense reports on their behalf as appropriate. See the step below:

  1. In Oracle Financials, a user with the "UCR Supplier Requestor JR" role must initiate a new supplier request with the reason "Concur Payment Request."
  2. After submitting the request, the non-employee Guest Traveler must complete the payee registration process following this guide (please provide it to your traveler).
  3. Confirm with your Department SAA that the department has established "ALL" routing for Concur Users (unless exceptions apply). This is crucial, especially for non-employee guest travelers, as they default to "ALL" routing once associated with your Accountability Structure in Guest Traveler Routing.
  4. Once their registration is complete, a Concur Delegate must associate the non-employee traveler with the appropriate accountability structure in Guest Traveler Routing following this guide.
  5. With approval routing now established, the Concur Delegate can act on behalf of the Guest Traveler for request and expense report submissions.