FAQs on Oracle Budget & Oracle COA Management can be found on the FP&A Website

Record to Report (RTR) includes general ledger, cash management, fixed assets and accounts receivable.

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What should I do with Freight, Shipping and Handling? 

Freight as well as shipping and handling line should be added as a line item with category as ‘Freight[543100]. On PO, freight and shipping/ handling line will be always non-taxable. If freight or shipping handling line is taxable then taxability nature will be taken care at Invoice level by AP team. So, procurement doesn’t need to worry about taxability.

How is the Ship to field different between punchout and non-punchout suppliers? 

Punchout suppliers must have the same Ship to location on file (link) if a One Time location is used the order will need to be canceled and new orders entered with the appropriate Ship to location. 

For non-punchout suppliers, a One time location can be added for the order to be shipped to a different address.  

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) includes contracts and grants and capital projects.

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There are several c&g funds that are missing department analysts; how do we get them associated with the proper analyst?

Please discuss with your department SAA.  The EACS role that receives these notices is Department Grants Analyst.
Do we need to do anything with BC75?  Yes, the notices will continue to be distributed until BC75 is fully allocated.
Why are there prior BY that are expired showing? What does this mean and what should we do with these? For awards converted from UCRFS, BY1C covers the period of the fund start date through the conversion date.  On converted awards BY2 is used to align to the natural budget year.  BY3 will be the first full year on Oracle.
What is the reason Project Cost Sharing budgets are only showing with $1 allocated? Until a finalized cost sharing report as of 6/30/2023 is received, the true Cost Sharing balance in the Projects Module cannot be updated. Additional information will be provided in the coming weeks on the project of completed cost sharing recorded in the UCRFS environment.  In the meantime, the $1 budget will allow users to code/track new cost sharing transactions using the designated "099" project codes.
I received a "Project Budget Allocations Required" notification, but I cannot locate these awards the Awards module If you received the Project Budget Allocation Required and UCR Notification Report for Budget Change for Award notices, you were provisioned the Grants Department Analyst role; this role drive the Project related notifications only.  Please discuss with your department financial manager on their expectations regarding you receiving these notifications.  If project budgeting is part of your job responsibilities, your SAA will also need to assign the Project Budget Management role.