Finance and Administration Support

What is the Finance and Administration Support Portal?

The Finance and Administration Support portal is your starting point for submitting requests for Impact23-related support, spanning Business & Financial Services (BFS), Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), and Research and Economic Development (RED), with integration to ITS's ServiceLink for coordination. 

Before You Request Help

If you need help navigating or transacting in Oracle, Oracle Guided Learning is an embedded training tool with content for commonly used features and reports. Additional information is available on the Oracle Guided Learning page

How to Request Help

  • The Universal Request form will display.
  • *Red Asterisks indicate required fields.

  • You will automatically appear as the "Requestor." If you're submitting the ticket for yourself, there's no need to make any changes. However, if you're submitting a request on behalf of someone else, please modify the "Requestor" field to reflect that individual.
  • Select the appropriate "Service/Business Area" from the dropdown. 
    Note: To ensure that your request is promptly and correctly directed, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the general description of each service/business area before submitting. Each request follows a unique workflow, so reviewing these descriptions will help in routing your request efficiently.
Service/Business Area Requests or Inquiries Related-to
Budget The tools and systems involved in our budgeting processes include the Oracle Budget application, the Oracle COA Management application used for Activity/Flex requests, and the established budgeting processes and policies at UC Riverside.
Chart of Accounts (COA) Guidance Using the chart of accounts to meet the requirements for tracking revenue and expenses, make accurate analyses and decisions, and report to government agencies, sponsors, etc.
Contracts & Grants Pre/Post Award inquiries related to processing proposals, setting up awards, and financial management reporting questions for contracts and grants in Oracle.
Financial Reporting Running reports, access to pre-run reports, or reviewing financial data. Information on what report or dashboard to use based on your specific scenarios.
General Accounting Guidance on accounts and related codes used to classify and record financial transactions in the general ledger, banking activities, capital assets, intercampus transactions, sales and service activities.
General Inquiry/Other Other finance/Impact23-related inquiries or feedback.
Payroll Coordination & Analysis Guidance for areas related to time and attendance, payroll, and the downstream impacts on the general ledger. The unit is also responsible for supporting payroll and general ledger-impacting applications (one-time payment tool, position funding, etc.)
Procurement & Accounts Payable Supplier management, purchasing goods and services, Procurement Card, supplier payments, and guidance on policy requirements.
Travel & Expense Travel/Non-Travel expense reimbursements, Travel & Entertainment Card, non-employee payments (ePay), and guidance on policy requirements.
User Access

Access requests, role assignments


  • Please provide a "Short Description" with sufficient details supporting your submission, request, issue, or inquiry. This may include PO or Invoice numbers, Project numbers, hyperlinks, and other relevant information.
  • We highly encourage you to attach any relevant information or screenshots that can assist our agents in gaining a better understanding of the issue and effectively troubleshooting it.
  • Click "Submit."
How to Check Request Status
  • To keep track of your requests, click the "View My Tickets" link in the header and select a ticket.
  • The workflow/request status is available in the upper right-hand corner.