Executive Sponsor & Steering Committee Co-Chairs

The Executive team champions the Impact23 Program vision by upholding the mission and guiding principles. The sponsors provide strategic vision and support for the resource allocations required to ensure that the Impact23 Program successfully modernizes UC Riverside's financial systems.

Gerry Bomotti

Gerry Bomotti

VC & CFO | Executive Sponsor

Gerry Bomotti is UC Riverside’s Vice Chancellor for Planning, Budget and Administration and serves as the campus Chief Financial Officer. Gerry has an extensive background in higher education strategic budget analysis, planning and construction, real estate, bond and other financing activities, internal audit, accounting, purchasing, human resources, facilities management, and other administrative support functions.

Bobbi McCracken

Bobbi McCracken

AVC & Controller | Co-Chair

Bobbi McCracken is UC Riverside’s Associate Vice Chancellor of Business & Financial Services and the campus Controller.  Bobbi is a UCR Alumnus with over 30 years of higher education experience in accounting, internal controls, and post-award administration.  Her division includes the Accounting Office (Accounts Payable, Extramural Funds, General Accounting/Plant, Payroll Coordination & Analysis, and Treasury), Student Business Services/Cashiers, and Procurement departments. 

Matthew Gunkel

Matthew Gunkel

AVC & CIO | Co-Chair

Matthew Gunkel is UC Riverside's Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer. He has broad experience in information technology, digital vision, educational technology, learning analytics, improved classroom infrastructure, and technical support in higher education. As our new CIO, Matt oversees a period of significant change and growth, including a substantial upgrade to UCR's network infrastructure and enterprise business systems.

Dr. Declan McCole

Dr. Declan McCole

Professor, Academic Senate Vice Chair

Dr. Declan McCole, Vice Chair of the Academic Senate Executive Council and Professor, School of Medicine, was appointed to the Impact23 Executive Steering Committee to strengthen the shared governance model and ensure adequate faculty input in partnership with the Faculty Advisory Workgroup.

Program Team

  • Steering Committee

    The Impact23 Steering Committee is comprised of the program leadership and key stakeholders serving as the voice of the customer for the program. Members provide strategic advice on decisions affecting campus, including the applicability of the financial system design and reporting, and identify opportunities to share information and collaborate across campus. Steering Committee members also make certain the project is operating within stated constraints (budget, schedule, scope, etc.) and monitor risks and associated mitigation efforts.

    Member Position Organization
    Joe Andreu Chief Procurement Officer ORG39 - Planning, Budget & Admin
    Michael Austin FAO Comparative Literature and Languages and Hispanic Studies, Staff Assembly Representative   ORG12 - Coll of Hum, Arts & Social Sci
    Sean Cason CFAO, Enrollment Services, Undergraduate Education, International Affairs, & Honors   ORG33 - Enrollment Services
    Jennifer Vogel Farias CFAO CNAS ORG14 - College of Nat & Agr Sciences
    Stephanie Flores Executive Director of Financial Planning & Analysis ORG39 - Planning, Budget & Admin
    Charles Greer, Jr. Associate Vice Chancellor for Research ORG24 - Vice Chancellor - Research
    Josh Hoerger BFS Functional Project Manager ORG39 - Planning, Budget & Admin
    Mike Kennedy Chief Technology Officer, ITS ORG21 - Info. Technology Solutions
    Greg Moore Director, Audit & Advisory Services ORG20 - Chancellor
    Veronica Ruiz CFAO Chancellor’s Office, Provost, and Planning, Budget & Administration   ORG39 - Planning, Budget & Admin
    Shahid Saifee  Interim Executive Director, Enterprise Solutions, ITS  ORG21 - Info. Technology Solutions
    Asirra Suguitan Assistant Controller, Functional Program Team Lead  ORG39 - Planning, Budget & Admin
    Max Thakar ITS Technical Project Manager ORG21 - Info. Technology Solutions
    Laura Virgil Change & Communication Manager ORG39 - Planning, Budget & Admin
    Cindy Williams Assistant Dean & CFAO, CHASS ORG12 - Coll of Hum, Arts & Social Sci
    Andrea Campos (Non-Voting) Business Systems Analyst, Impact23 Program Management ORG39 - Planning, Budget & Admin
    Elizabeth Carr (Non-Voting) Business Systems Analyst, Impact23 Program Management ORG39 - Planning, Budget & Admin
    Vivian Chu (Non-Voting) BFS Financial Analyst ORG39 - Planning, Budget & Admin
    Shelley Gupta (Non-Voting) CFAO ITS ORG21 - Info. Technology Solutions
    Lisa Page (Non-Voting) Impact23 Change & Communication Manager (Affiliate) ORG39 - Planning, Budget & Admin
    Antonette Toney (Non-Voting) Executive Director, UCPath Campus Support Center ORG31 - Provost/Exec Vice Chancellor
    Kathleen Rondeau‐Taylor (Non-Voting) Executive Director PMO ORG21 - Info. Technology Solutions
    Patrick Wagman (Non-Voting) Associate Director PMO ORG21 - Info. Technology Solutions
    Varsha Dhodapkar (Non-Voting) ITS Technical Project Manager ORG21 - Info. Technology Solutions
    Azra Ayers (Non-Voting) ITS Technical Project Manager ORG21 - Info. Technology Solutions
    Helen Kotke (Non-Voting) Financial Systems Trainer ORG39 - Planning, Budget & Admin
  • Functional Workgroups

    Functional workgroups are tasked with providing the campus with new and robust tool sets for completing their financial analysis and administrative responsibilities within the context of standardized, off-the-shelf software products, with minimal customizations to allow for future upgrades. Workgroups members are charged with designing a financial system, business processes, and reports that consider the university as a whole and what is best for UCR stakeholders.

    Workgroup (Business Process Area) Workgroup Leads  Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Subject Matter Advisors (SMAs)
    1a. Travel Expense Reporting (Concur Phase I) Aver Smith (CO)

    Sandra Danford (CO)
    Eric Latham (ORG15)

    Becki Jo Ray (ORG11)
    Jaime Matute (ORG14)
    Jennifer Reising (ORG14)
    Mimi Collins (CO)
    Shellee Kreuter (ORG40)
    1b. Expense Reporting for Business Meetings, Entertainment, & PCard Distributions (Concur Phase II) Asirra Suguitan (CO) Aver Smith (CO) Sandra Danford (CO)
    David Ramos (CO)
    Dana Allen (CO)
    Alyssa Rackstraw (ORG11)
    Luisa Levario (ORG41)
    Vivian Chu (ORG39)
    Nancy Marr (ORG40)
    Melissa Gomez (ORG14)
    Lily Szeto (ORG12)
    Carmen Rivera (ORG32)
    2. General Ledger/COA Bobbi McCracken (CO)
    Stephanie Flores (CO)
    Alissa Rackstraw (ORG11)
    Susana Salazar (CO)

    Alfred Karam (CO)
    Jacqueline (Jackie) Bates (ORG16)
    Jerry Monahan (CO)
    Juliet Lin (ORG14)
    Kathrine Fruge (ORG40)
    Luisa Levario (ORG41)

    3. Budget Stephanie Flores (CO)

    Susana Salazar (CO)
    Shelley Gupta (ORG21)

    Katrice Calloway (ORG12)​
    Luis Alvarez (ORG32)​    ​
    Yadira Tapia (ORG39)​    ​
    Yung Phung (ORG14)​

    4. Financial Reporting Asirra Suguitan (CO)
    Stephanie Flores (CO)

    Cindy Williams (ORG12)​
    Laura Manor (ORG24)​
    Maria Aldana (ORG40)​
    Veronica Ruiz (ORG39)

    Alison Rodriguez (ORG10)​    ​
    Debra Meneely (ORG25)​    ​
    Guille Vallejo (ORG14)​    ​
    Katie Meumann (ORG11)​    ​
    Susana Roddy (ORG33)​

    5. Pre-Award (Kuali) Charles Greer, Jr. (CO) Cynthia Wells (CO)

    Angie Gray (ORG33)​​
    Ashley Beene (ORG14)​​
    Aurelia Espinoza (ORG40)​    ​
    Regina Hazlinger (ORG12)​​
    Victoria Van Mouwerik (CO)​

    6. Project Portfolio Management Bobbi McCracken (C&G) (CO)
    Rose Alonzo-Le (C&G) (CO)​    
    Jerry Monahan (Capital) (CO)

    Jennifer Farias (C&G) (ORG14)​​​Susan McFadden (Capital) (CO)

    Doris Lee (C&G) (ORG40)​​
    Luke Hoepfner (C&G) (ORG37)​​
    Wendi Tapia (C&G) (ORG14)​   ​
    Michael Mochache (Capital) (CO)​

    7. Accounts Receivable (C&G) Bobbi McCracken (CO) TBD Kim Gala (CO)
    8. Procurement Joe Andreu (CO)

    Gae Purvis (CO)​​
    Olivia Lara (ORG21)

    Bill Sutton (ORG14)​​
    Edith Torrez (ORG40)​​
    Jessica Gonzalez (ORG14)​​
    Matt Burke (CO)

    9. Accounts Payable Aver Smith (CO) Linda Casteel (CO)  
    10. Supplier Management Joe Andreu (CO)
    Aver Smith (CO)
    Linda Casteel (CO)

    Dana Allen (CO)​   ​
    David Ramos (CO)

    11. Asset Management Jerry Monahan (CO) Margaret Tjia (CO)

    Steve Staples (ORG40)​  ​
    Tami Friedrich (ORG21)

    12. Banking Linda Casteel (CO) Asirra Suguitan (CO) Colleen Campbell (CO)
    13. UCPath COA Cutover Alfred Karam (CO) Nupur Barot (CO) Cindy Tyson (ORG39)
    Christine Smith (ORG33)
    Lorissa Zavala (ORG39)
    Susana Salazar (ORG39)
    Dylan Smith (ORG40)


  • Extended Testers

    The Impact23 program has individuals to serve on workgroups dedicated to testing (Concur, Kuali, Oracle, Boundary systems, and Financial Reports), training, and go-live support. In general, units test systems like Oracle and Kuali that have workflows requiring transactors, approvers, and faculty (faculty are applicable if the department has Contracts & Grants) and individual extended testers augment units or fill gaps in testing standalone boundary systems and reporting tools.  

    Selected Team Department/Unit  Name
     Boundary Systems Tester ASUCR Amy Carrizosa
      Computer Science and Engineering Mindi Mobley
      Economics and Political Science Christina Gnuschke
      Facilities Services/ASSET Becky Casem
      Graduate Division Andrea Gonzales
      Planning and Budget Unit, Supervised by Jackie Bates Michelle Xu
        Nicole Valencia
      SOM Finance & Administration Shellee Kreuter
      UCR Health - Family Medicine Jini Farrell
      VCRED Ops Crystal Mejia
    Budget Tester ASSET/Facilities  Sarah Cleary
      CNAS Dean's Office Sabrina Schuster
        Len Pavlov
      Computer Science and Engineering Lauren Gonzalez
      Financial Aid Cesar Lopez
      HMNS Comparative Literature, Hispanic Studies Jan Wenger
      Math/Stat Admin Unit Cathy Munoz
        Crissy Ward
        Lisa Diaz
      Planning and Budget Unit, Supervised by Jackie Bates Camille Mahant
      Student Life/Vice Chancellor Student Affairs Jennifer Ferrante
      Finance and Administration Kim McDade
        Lisa Cusick
    Concur Phase II Tester Administrative Services and Strategic Executive Team (ASSET) - Chancellor & Provost Nicole McAndrew
      Business & Financial Services Margarita Yonezawa
      Chancellor's Office George Ruelas
      CHASS ORG (CHASS Travel Group Arranger) Araceli Torres
        Maribel Macrum
      EMN Katrina Preciado
      Entomology Ash Rivas
      Facilities Services/ASSET Megan Lucas
      SOM Finance & Administration Adriana Navarrete
    Concur Phase II Unit Administrative Services and Strategic Executive Team (ASSET) - HWS Christina Farias
        Denise Diaz
      Athletics  Blanca Contreras 
        Eva Sanchez 
        Jillian Jones 
      Development Maribel Arbaiza
        Sarah Karson
        Vanessa Ramirez
        Yadira Sandoval
      Math/Stat Admin Unit Demi Kim
        Patricia Alvarado
      UNEX - Finance Dept Eric Latham
        Jessica Guerrero-Villa
        Marie Ramirez
        Rika Toyoda
    Financial Reporting Tester Administrative Services and Strategic Executive Team (ASSET) - PB&A Jackie Zabala
      Auxiliaries Finance and Business Operations Susan Tomlinson
        Al Sirak
      Chemistry Kathy Carrington
      Computer Science and Engineering Grace Caslavka
      EMN Administration Paige Mejia
      Financial & Administrative Services Team (FAST) Nicolas Fiore
      Information Technolgy Solutions Christine Han
      SOM Finance & Administration Maria Isabel Guzman
      SOM Psychiatry and Neuroscience Edgar Gutierrez
    GL/COA Tester Business and Financial Services/General Accounting Jillian Ramirez
      Finance and Administrative Services Team Fahd Mantara
      SOM Finance & Administration Victoria Hernandez
      SOM Research Herlinda Bergman
        Pamela Acosta
    Kuali Tester Auxiliary Services Matthew Pepe
      BMPN Administration Christine Morgando
      CNAS UAAC Jacqueline Hamilton
      Natural Reserves/ EMN Admin Unit Heather Constable, PhD
      UCR Health - Family Medicine May Lin
    Kuali/PPM/Procurement Unit Administrative Services and Strategic Executive Team (ASSET) - PB&A Chantell Mesha
        Susie Hollobaugh
      BIEN/CEE admin unit Danielle Garcia
        Deanna Vorhees
        Kevin Schulte
        Robert Godoy
      BPS Admin Unit April Meinzer
        Jessica Gonzalez (SMA-Procurement)
        Maria Sedillo
        Patty Springer (faculty)
      Entomology Admin Team Breanne Juarez
        Cherie Pierce
        Robin Testa
        Wendi Tapia (SMA-PPM)
      ORG10-School of Education and ORG37-School of Public Policy Alison Rodriguez (SMA-Financial Reporting)
        Annie Hooper
        Luke Hoepfner (SMA-PPM)
        Monica Cardenas
        Sally Tavizon 
      Psychology Andrew Alonso
        Christopher Martinez
        Erica Constantino
        Ivan Kong
        Jay Melashenko
        John Franchak (Faculty)
        Kalina Michalska (Faculty)
        Rachel Wu (Faculty)
        Renee Young
      SOM SRP/Biomed Division  Aimee Gonzales
        Dr. Scott Pegan (faculty)
        Jhon Gonzalez
        Montrice James
        Kelsea Armstrong
      VCRED Ops Gerardo Rodriguez
        Laura Manor
        Jessica Pacheco
        Thomas Wong
    PPM Tester Administrative Services and Strategic Executive Team (ASSET) - Chancellor & Provost Rita Rodriguez
      Administrative Services and Strategic Executive Team (ASSET) - HWS Nichole Sparks
        Alexis Rambaud
      Chemistry Rebecca Ryan
      Electrical and Computer Engineering within BCOE Laura Schulte
      Physics Admin Unit + 1 Faculty Dominica Albitre
        Julissa Terriquez
        Laura Sales (Faculty)
    Procurement Tester Administrative Services and Strategic Executive Team (ASSET) - PB&A Da Lan Dinh
      Auxiliaries Finance and Business Operations Alexia Hernandez
        Hector Linares
      BMPN Administration Jeanette Westbrook
      Division of Biomedical Sciences Isaac Owusu-Frimpong
      Entomology Gian Ledesma
      Financial & Administrative Services Team (FAST) Selena Sanchez
      Financial Admin Services Team Donna Powell
      Recreation Rochelle Pinkney
      SOM- SMPPH Victoria Bargas
      EMN Admin Unit Sherice Underwood
        Tara Pastucha
      Finance and Administration/University Relations Brandon Westenberger
        Stephanie Falcone
        Zenaida Nunez
    UCPath COA Tools Tester Administrative Services and Strategic Executive Team (ASSET) - PB&A Brenda Montes
      ASSET - Facilities Beth Deveau
      Chemistry Natasha Gonzales
      Chicano Student Programs & Undocumented Student Programs Alice Chavez
      FAST (Financial Administrative Services Team)  Rita Manuel
      Financial & Administrative Services Team (FAST) Lisa Rae Delaney
      History Marilyn J Madrigal
      ITS Charlene Chan
      Neuroscience/Psychiatry  Roberta Cole 
      Pediatrics Maggie Jia
      University Advancement Administration Michael Leiba
    UCPath COA Tools Unit Administrative Services and Strategic Executive Team (ASSET) - PB&A Daniel Teeter
        Karen Cazares
        Martha Castaneda
        Sonja Dawson
        Sonja Elston
        Tonya Ray
      Auxiliaries Finance and Business Operations Geoff Clouser
        Jennifer Goupil
        Manuel Sotelo, Jr. 
        Michele May
      Student Affairs  Denise Cisneros
        John Valdez-AVC/Dean of Students
  • Technical Workgroup

    The technical workgroup works closely with functional workgroups on the integration of existing campus systems that interface with the finance and budgeting solution.

    Member Position
    Mike Kennedy  Chief Technology Officer
    Dewight Kramer CISO 
    Rebecca Hutchins Associate CIO
    Shelley Gupta CFAO 
    Kathleen Rondeau‐Taylor Executive Director PMO
    Shahid Saifee Interim Executive Director, Enterprise Solutions
    Teri Eckman Executive Director SIS
    Brian Griffin Associate Director Finance Systems
    Patrick Wagman   Associate Director PMO
    Max Thakar ITS Technical Project Manager 
    Azra Ayers ITS Project Manager
    Jeremy Fisher Associate Director Systems Engineering & Operations
    Karen Cunningham Associate Director Network Engineering & Operation
  • Faculty Advisory Workgroup

    The Faculty Advisory Workgroup was established to understand what kinds of support faculty would like to receive and how the program can best create opportunities for faculty to be part of the decisions that impact their work experience.

    Name  Title School/Department

    Veronica Ruiz

    CFAO & Impact23 Faculty Advisory Committee - Staff Lead

    Administrative Services and Strategic Executive Team – (ASSET)

    Michael Solis

    Associate Professor

    SOE - Education

    Ted Garland

    Distinguished Professor

    CNAS – Evolution, Ecology, Orgns Bio

    Ertem Tuncel

    Professor & Dept Chair

    BCOE - Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Philip Brisk

    Professor & Vice Provost for Administrative Resolution

    BCOE – Computer Science and Engineering

    Peter Atkinson

    Professor & Vice Chair of P&B

    Academic Senate Rep; Entomology

    Scott D. Pegan


    SOM – Biomedical Sciences

    Chandra Reynolds


    CHASS - Psychology

    Alexander Putman

    Assistant Professor of Cooperative Extension

    CNAS – Plant Pathology

    Qingfang Wang


    SPP – Public Policy

    Declan McCole

    Professor, Academic Senate Vice Chair

    School of Medicine

  • Consulting Partners

    Deloitte Consulting

    UC Riverside has selected Deloitte as the Oracle Cloud Systems Integrator. Deloitte will work alongside UC Riverside leads as colleagues and advisors helping UC Riverside to become self-sufficient on Oracle Cloud.

    UC Riverside is partnering with Deloitte to:

    • Help mitigate overall program risk
    • Provide hands-on expertise in Oracle Cloud processes and leading practices
    • Provide hands-on expertise in areas such as technology and conversions 
    We will leverage Deloitte’s tools and accelerators during the program to include:
    • Oracle Pre-configured Solution, based on UC and industry-leading practices
    • IndustryPrint Processes (previously customized to UC)
    • User Story Inventory (previously customized to UCs)

    Huron Consulting Group

    UC Riverside has selected Huron as the Concur Systems Integrator.

    • Huron will support UCR in implementing Concur by June 2022 to allow UCR to leverage their internal resources in implementing Concur instead of redeveloping the current iTravel system that will ultimately be “sun-set” by 2023 with the launch of the new financial system.
    • UCR will have the ability to provide automated processes, receipt management, mobile technology, and streamline multiple expense reconciliation processes in a single effort. Reducing the long-term cost and maintenance of supporting multiple business processes across multiple technologies to reconcile university expenditures.

    Kuali Customer Success

    UC Riverside will partner with the Kuali Customer Success team for implementation services including business process analysis and design, guidance on system use and best practices, system configuration support, assistance in the development of testing plans and testing, help in the development of training material, go-live planning, and transitioning to routine operational support.