Impact23 Community of Practice

Join Your Organization's Channel

Department staff and managers should join their Org-level Slack channel for Impact23-related inquiries before resorting to ticket submissions or helpline calls. Department SMAs and Extended Testers within your Org are standing by to support your inquiries during stabilization.

Organization Name(s) Slack Channel Name/Link Channel Owners
Academic Senate


Cherysa Cortez, Sarah Miller, Leondra Jacobs
Chancellor's Office, Provost/EVC, Planning, Budget, and Administration, Capital Programs, Facilities, Auxiliaries #financesupport-assetorgs

Veronica Ruiz, Crystal Bailsford

Bourns College of Engineering  #financesupport-bcoe Alissa Rackstraw, Katie Meumann
School of Business #financesupport-business Kennett Lai
College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences #financesupport-chass Cindy Williams
College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences, 
Cooperative Extension
#financesupport-cnas Jennifer Farias
Enrollment Management, International Affairs, Undergraduate Education #financesupport-fastorgs Sean Cason, Susana Roddy
Graduate Division #financesupport-graddiv Cheryl Gerry
Information Technology Solutions #financesupport-its Shelley Gupta
University Library #financesupport-library Tiffany Moxham, Jacqueline Bates
Office of Research Affairs, Alianza UCMX, UC MEXUS #financesupport-red Laura Manor
School of Education, School of Public Policy #financesupport-soespp Sally Tavizon
School of Medicine #financesupport-som Maria Aldana
University Extension (UNEX), Palm Desert Campus #financesupport-unexpdc Eric Latham, Marie Ramirez
Vice Chancellor Student Affairs (VCSA), Athletics #financesupport-vcsa-athletics

Luisa Levario, Luis Alvarez

Vice Chancellor University Advancement (VCUA) #financesupport-vcua Kim McDade

Join the Impact23 Community of Practice (CoP) Channels

The Impact23 CoP is a learning network dedicated to bringing the UC Riverside financial community together with the goal of sharing and crowdsourcing knowledge related to specific topics. Participants come together to intentionally learn from and share practices and ideas with each other to ensure departments’ success in managing the university’s fiscal responsibilities. Membership is open and you are invited to participate in multiple channels. Department SMAs and Extended Testers that participated in the program are standing by to support your inquiries during the stabilization period.

CoP Topic Slack Channel Name/Link Channel SMAs & Extended Testers
Boundary Systems #financecop-boundary Channel Contacts


Channel Contacts
Chart of Accounts #financecop-coa

Channel Contacts

Contracts & Grants #financecop-contgrants Channel Contacts
Procurement & Account Payable #financecop-procuretopay Channel Contacts
Financial Reporting #financecop-reporting Channel Contacts
System Access Administrators (SAAs) #financecop-saa Asirra Suguitan, Bobbi McCracken, Josh Hoerger
Travel & Expense #financecop-travelexp Channel Contacts

When joining Slack, be sure to “Sign in with CAS” and enter your UCR NetID credentials: >!

How to Use Slack

  • How to Join the Slack Workspace

    A Slack workspace is made up of channels. It is a virtual environment where teams and communities collaborate, and it serves as a centralized hub for communication, file sharing, and project management. Each workspace is unique and can be customized to suit the needs of its members. 

    To join the UCR Community Slack workspace: 

    1. Go to 
    2. Click “Sign in with CAS” and enter your UCR credentials:   > !
    3. Once your UCR Slack account is set up and activated, you can join the UCR Community workspace  
  • Accept an Invitation to Join a Workspace

    To join a workspace you've been invited to, you'll need to accept the invitation and set up a Slack account for that workspace. Note that you can use the same email address to join different workspaces, but you’ll have separate Slack accounts for each one.   


    • Check your UCR email inbox for an email invitation from Slack. 
    • Click Join Now. 
    • Enter your full name and password, then click Create Account. 


    • Download the Slack app for iOS
    • Check your UCR email inbox for an email invitation from Slack. 
    • Tap Join Now. 
    • Enter your full name and password, then tap Next. 


  • How to Find and Join a Channel

    Channels are dedicated spaces within a workspace for specific topics, teams, or projects. To find channels within Slack:


  • Useful Slack Features

    Slack offers great features to enhance communication and collaboration. Here are some of the most popular and useful features: 

    • Mentions and Notifications: Use @mentions to grab someone's attention in a channel or to send them a direct message (DM). Customize your notification settings to receive alerts about important updates. 
    • Threads: Threads allow you to have focused discussions within a channel, keeping conversations organized and preventing clutter. 
    • Huddles: Huddles start out as voice calls and can be turned into video calls with screen sharing and chat capabilities. Simply flip the huddle toggle at the bottom left corner of your Slack window to initiate a huddle with your team. 
    • File Sharing: Easily share files, documents, and images within channels or through direct messages. Slack integrates with various file storage services for seamless collaboration. 
    • Apps and Integrations: Streamline your tasks and schedule by connecting Slack with other services like Google Drive and Office 365. 
    • Search: Slack's powerful search functionality helps you find past conversations, files, and messages quickly. Use keywords, filters, and date ranges to narrow down your search results. 
    • Custom Sections: Organize your channels, direct messages, and apps into custom sections within your sidebar. Your custom sections are only visible to you and won’t affect what others see.