WalkMe Guided Learning

What is Guided Learning?

WalkMe is a knowledge tool that lives within certain UC Riverside applications. It provides guidance to complete tasks and activities. The tool is designed for the university’s unique needs and will be available for ServiceNow Work Order systems, Looker, and the Non-Salary Cost Transfer Request application.

Guidance for WalkMe Browser Extension 

If your team currently uses devices that are managed by ITS or managed by a distributed campus IT partner, the browser extensions will be automatically pushed to your device. You do not need to take any action.  

Please note that distributed IT partners have been provided guidance on how to deploy to your device. Please reach out to them if you do not see WalkMe installed on your browser. 

If your team uses non-managed devices and team members are able to successfully download and install applications without help from IT, your team will need to install the browser extension themselves by following the instructions provided in this KB article (KB0012123). 

To learn more about WalkMe, visit