Dear Colleagues,

On July 1, 2024, Accounting closed 2024-06 (June 2024) and opened period 2024-07 (July 2024) for PAYABLES.  2024-07 was also opened for GENERAL LEDGER (GL) on July 1.  This is the standard procedure for month end close including period 2024-06.

When 2024-07 was opened on the GL, the system automatically kicked off a process to carryforward Balance Sheet account balances, including Retained Earnings account 300000, into FY2025 period 2024-07.  This is standard Oracle functionality, and these balances will continue to be updated until Accounting closes FY2024 for the GL which will not take place until early to mid-August per the normal UC fiscal close schedule.

Jerry Monahan
General Accounting Supervisor
UC Riverside | Business and Financial Services