Deploy a minimally-customized, configuration-driven financial system ERP software solution that allows for future upgradeability and continued support through the implementation of best practices and business process transformations with the goal of delivering meaningful benefits to campus users.

Guiding Principles

The following principles will serve to guide recommendations, endorsements, and approvals throughout the program and its related governance. 

Deliver User Value

  • Engage the campus collaboratively, focusing on system usability and user training. 
  • Provide a robust collection of standardized reports upon deployment, allowing users to focus on analysis and problem solving by developing reports, dashboards, and data visualizations with open access to standard datasets and legacy system archive data.  
  • Provide flexible security management and access to department users, integrating with a campus access and role authorization system, and campus single sign on. 

Maintain Program Quality

  • Comply with UCOP’s Common Chart of Accounts (CCOA) initiative by the deadline (July 2023), with full assurance of a minimum viable product to be delivered on schedule. 
  • Limit data conversions to essential information required to process pending transactions and required reporting in the new system. 
  • Utilize modules and tools within the Oracle Cloud product to address requirements, leveraging other UC campus agreements to the maximum extent possible. 
  • Utilize third-party software that has successfully integrated with Oracle to replace UCR-developed or customized systems, leveraging other UC campus agreements where possible. 

Streamline Business Processes

  • Leverage industry best practices around delivered system functionality within configurations, workflows, business rules, and notifications, to the maximum extent possible, to facilitate accountability and ease of use. 
  • Maximize the use of system interfaces to minimize rekeying of data. 
  • Standardize, centralize and automate systems integrations across existing applications, as well as newly-developed replacement applications, that will interface with the newly-implemented financial system.