Access Requests

Department SAAs assign access to financial applications and reports through the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS) within R’Space.

  • Locate your Department SAA

     Collaborate with your Department SAA to ensure you have the necessary roles. To find your Department SAA in R'Space:

    Step Detail
    Click on EACS Accountability Report
    Select Click here for SAA Names
    Search for your SAA by Org Value
  • Review your Role Assignments

    To find your system role in R'Space:

    Step Detail
    Click on EACS Accountability Report
    Enter or Search for your User NetID
    Click Condensed Accountability Report
    The EACS Accountability Report will display. Review your role assignments by Application and Role Name.
  • Concur Travel and Expense Roles
    Concur Roles 
     Name Description
    Concur Users

    Concur Users can process Concur Request and Expense Reports for travel and non-travel reimbursements. 

    Concur Delegates

    Concur Delegates are optional for travel booking and transacting non-travel reimbursements (acting on another user's behalf). Additionally, Concur Delegates are assigned to a Concur User, not an accountability structure, which may impact those who prepare for multiple accountability structures. Concur Delegate assignments are limited to 250 per user.

    Concur Delegates can distribute PCard expenses in Concur on behalf of the PCardholder.

    Financial Previewer Financial Previewer role(s) are optional.  If defined, requests will be explicitly routed to this role before proceeding to the Financial Approver. Concur routing allows for the assignment of only one Financial Previewer per Accountability Structure, who will be listed as the previewer for Concur routing.
    Financial Approver

    Financial Approver is a required routed role by Accountability Structure. Concur routing allows for the assignment of Financial Approvers per Accountability Structure, who will be listed as the Financial Approvers for Concur routing, including for T&E Card and PCard issuance requests.

    Approver Delegate

    Approver Delegate users act as a delegate Financial Previewer and/or Financial Approver on behalf of the respective approver. Regardless of the Concur User or Accountability Structure(s) involved, the Approver Delegate has the authority to perform the respective approvals.

    • This approach addresses delays when the Previewer and/or Approver is out of the office when the delegate role is assigned.