Primary and Boundary Financial Systems

The Impact23 Program Scope comprises financial system updates and business process redesign to support the implementation of Concur Travel and Expense, Kuali Sponsored Programs, Oracle Financials, and Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting (EPM). 


Area Application Description Implemented?
Financial Reporting Looker

Looker is a reporting tool that contains multiple data sets. It can be used to filter, sort, analyze, and export data.

Financials - contains information that was previously in UCRFSTotals

Payroll Distribution - contains information that was previously in SuperDope

Banner Details - TBD 

Budget Details - TBD

A variety of other reports are available in Oracle Financials, Oracle Budget, Financial Web Reports, and iReport (additional considerations link).

Planning & Budgeting Oracle Budget (EPM) Oracle Budget (EPM) is used to create and maintain most budgets at UCR. Previously, this was done in UCRFS (UCR Financial System). Y
Procurement and Accounts Payable Oracle Financials - Procure to Pay This is used to create, approve and process purchase orders, invoices, receipts, and supplier payments. Used to manage requests for new suppliers. Previously handled in eBuy and UCRFS. Y
Procurement and Accounts Payable Concur Billed Statements (CBS) Actions previously completed in ProCard Transfers (PCT) are now completed in CBS. Y
Contracts and Grants Kuali Sponsored Programs Kuali Sponsored programs contains contract and grant processes that were previously completed in: PAMIS: eCAF, PAMIS: System to System Submission Application, PAMIS: COEUS, and PAMIS: PI Eligibility by Exception​.

Y - System to System ETA: June 2024

Contracts and Grants Kuali Build Kuali Build contains contract and grant processes that were previously performed in PAMIS: Pre-Award Request System, PAMIS: MTA Request System, Pamis: eAward Y
Contracts and Grants Oracle Financials - Project Portfolio Management Post-award management system for contracts and grants. Project budgeting occurs and financial information about an award/project can be obtained.  Y
Contracts and Grants Payroll Certification System Process to certify salaries charged to Federal awards. Replaces the fund based payroll certification system.

N - ETA:
July 2024

General Ledger Golden Tree Viewer Displays all potential values for each chart of account segment with descriptions. Y

Record to Report & 

Contracts and Grants

Non-Payroll Cost Transfers (NCT)

Used for non-payroll cost transfers, such as a COA was billed but the charge needs to be changed to a different COA. For payroll, use the Salary Cost Transfer tool. This is used for both GL and Project related cost transfers. 

Guide to the Application.

Y - Ongoing Enhancements

General Ledger Cash Collection Reporting & Reconciliation (CCRRS) This is used to track and monitor cash at UCR.


General Ledger Oracle Financials The main financial system at UCR. Houses the general ledger, procurement, and more.  Y
Student Information System Banner The financial component of this system handles the billing and collection of student tuition and fees and disbursement of aid. Retrofitted to accommodate the new COA.  Y
Student Information System GradESS System to manage grad student support. Retrofitted to accommodate the COA. Y
System Administration Enterprise Access Control System (EACS) Used to grant and revoke security access to the majority of the applications.  Y
Procurement and Accounts Payable Concur Travel and Expense Used for Travel and Non-Travel Reimbursements. Previously these actions were completed in ePay and iTravel. Y
UCPath Financial Tools Position Funding Change Request Request system that approved requests interface with UCPath to perform updates. This is how to request changes to COAs in UCPath. Formerly known as FAU Change Request. Y
UCPath Financial Tools One Time Payment Tool Request system that approved requests interface with UCPath to perform updates. Where a one-time payment can be requested. This application then sends the information to UCPath for the one-time payment to be processed. Y
UCPath Financial Tools UCPath UC payroll system. Retrofitted for new COA.  Y
UCPath Financial Tools Salary Cost Transfer Request  Used to request payroll cost transfers. Retrofitted for the COA. For example, if a COA was billed for an employee's salary but now needs to be charged to a different COA. For non-salary, use the Non-Salary Cost Transfer tool. Y
Work Order System FAMIS360 The UCR work order system for facilities. This is where facility requests are entered, tracked, fulfilled, and charges are processed. Formerly known as Facilities WOS. Retrofitted for the new COA.


Work Order System ServiceNow

This is where requests are entered, tracked, fulfilled, and charges are processed. The UCR work order system for a broad number of requests including: 

  • Web Recharge*
  • Digital Print Services*
  • Mail Services*
  • Communications Work Order
  • MultiMedia Recharge
  • Receiving Services (ScotSupply/Storehouse)

* moved into Service Now as part of Impact23. Formerly the following applications were used: Web Recharge, Printing & Repro, and Mail Services. 

Guides are available for Requesters (link) as well as Service Providers-Fulfillers & Admin (link).

Y - Ongoing Enhancements: Development of a new service provider request form and template billing.


Work Order System AgileFleet Commander The UCR work order system for fleet services. This is where fleet requests are entered, tracked, fulfilled, and charges are processed. Formerly Known as Fleet Services.  Y
Procurement and Accounts Payable ePay Request for payment system for anything that should not be processed on a purchase order or in Concur. Mostly taxable payments. Retrofitted for the new COA. Y
General Ledger Asset Management System Equipment purchased goes into the Asset Management System. Where departments can identify equipment location and certify that they have confirmed their equipment inventory. Interfaces with Payables module.  Y
General Ledger Oracle COA Management Tool to request modifications to Chart of Accounts. Y
General Ledger VCUA Gift Acceptance System

Phase 1: retrofitted for the new COA (completed Sept 2023).  

Phase 2:  journal assessments and budget entries reconfigured for Oracle and new COA (almost deployed--hoping for 1/31)

Y -
Phase 1 - Complete 
Phase 2 -ETA: August 2024