UCR Supplier/Payee Portal  

supplier portal

The UCR Supplier/Payee Portal in Oracle Financials is an online self-service platform integrated with the campus financial system, commonly used by organizations to enhance the security and confidentiality of supplier information. As suppliers/payees are completing your registration, pay close attention to these key actions:

  • Every supplier/payee must attach one valid federal tax document per IRS regulations AND one valid state withholding document per California requirements available for download in the portal and here.
  • Every supplier/payee must provide at least one ‘Remit To’ address for payments.
  • Click Save, Review Changes, and then hit the Submit button to send us your completed registration. The University will only receive your registration/profile information if this step is completed.
  • For PO Suppliers, please attach a valid insurance certificate during the initial registration process, and expect a follow-up questionnaire in your email within 1-2 weeks.

Completing these steps is required to issue payment and/or purchase orders and helps UC Riverside ensure they have up-to-date and accurate information about their suppliers. It also aids in compliance with various tax regulations and helps maintain the security and confidentiality of supplier information.

*Employees (including Student Employees) wishing to update their remittance information should go to UCPath to update their information.

What can Suppliers do in the Oracle Supplier Portal?
  • Complete the registration process for new suppliers/payees and proactively manage their profile information.
    • Departments should no longer be requesting or collecting W-9s from payees!
  • Allows PO Suppliers to upload insurance and other required certifications
  • Access payment status information 
Inviting a New Supplier/Payee

If a department wishes to issue a payment or do business with a company/individual, the supplier/payee must be invited to register in the UCR Supplier/Payee Portal. For central office to evaluate the department's request for a new supplier, complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure you have the UCR Supplier Requestor JR role in EACS.
  2. Log in to Oracle Financials, navigate to Procure to Pay > Suppliers > Task BarRegister Supplier, and complete the Register Supplier form fields as thoroughly as possible.
    • Be sure to select the proper Request Reason type.
    • When inviting a non-employee to register, you must send their invitation to register to a personal email address (example:,,, etc.) for the invitation and registration to be processed properly.
    • A New Purchase Order (PO) Supplier request should only be initiated if a supplier does not accept a PCard, or the purchase is over $10k and a similar supplier is unavailable (no Agreement Supplier exists). If any of the following questions are true, then a New PO Supplier should not be requested.
      • Does another catalog vendor provide the same or comparable product?
      • Is there a UC or UCR agreement with a different supplier for the same goods or services?
      • Can the purchase be made with the PCard?
      • Will purchases only be made on a limited basis?

Supplier/Payee Registration

The appropriate central office will review the department's supplier request and justification. If approved, the supplier will receive an email from 'UCR Supplier/Payee Registration' asking them to register in Oracle with guidance on how to complete their registration. Once the Supplier clicks on the link in the email, they will need to complete the steps outlined in the appropriate guide:

If a supplier/payee is completing a registration for the first time, these guides have been created to help them through the process! We recommend opening the appropriate guide in a new tab or copy/paste the URL into a new browser.

Tax forms are available for suppliers/payees directly in the portal

The individual who initiated the supplier request will receive a confirmation email once your Supplier has completed registration and is Spend Authorized. If you have not received this email, your Supplier has not submitted their entire registration properly. 


Once approved, a supplier/payee (or a company designee) is responsible for logging into the portal to update profile information whenever changes occur! For instance, when either they or their company updates their legal name or Remit To payment address, it is essential to update your profile and attach updated tax forms.

For support completing registration or attaching appropriate documentation, call the Concierge Helpline at (951) 827-9990 (Press 4 for Procurement and Accounts Payable).

Concierge Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday: 9-12 pm | 1-4 pm