Travel & Entertainment Card

T&E Card

About the Travel and Entertainment (T&E) Card  

The Travel and Entertainment (T&E) Card is a Visa credit card issued by US Bank. Eligible UC Riverside employees can use it to pay for University-approved travel and business-related expenses. It is a corporate liability card product with all expenses paid by the University, reducing the need for out-of-pocket expenditures by employees. However, the cardholder is responsible for the monthly reconciliation of expenses charged on the card via an expense report in Concur within 30 days of a trip or event completion date. 

T&E Card Eligibility, Usage, and Benefits

To be eligible for a Travel & Entertainment Corporate Card (a university-sponsored card), you must be a UC Riverside career or contract employee and receive departmental approval.

  • The card provides convenient access to cash advances and credit for thousands of UC travelers and hosts.
  • It should be used for all travel and entertainment expenses where payment by Visa is allowed, such as airfare, hotel and lodging, car rental, ground transportation, and meals.
  • Once used, the transactions import into Concur Travel and Expense, the UC Riverside travel and expense expense reporting system.
  • By utilizing the card, employees save both time and money for the university, their department approvers, and themselves.

The T&E Card provides several benefits to the cardholder and university, including:

  • The card balance will be paid in full each billing cycle by the university 
  • Reduction of out-of-pocket expenses for travelers 
  • Access to transactional activity by the cardholder’s department  
  • Integration of card transactions to facilitate expense reporting in Concur
  • No late fees  

Cardholder Actions and Application Process

To request and obtain a new corporate T&E Card follow the steps below.

1. Your existing T&E card must be in good standing.  

  • If there are past due balances on your existing card, the existing personal-liability T&E Card balance must be resolved. 
  • A new corporate T&E Card will not be issued to a cardholder with past due balances on their existing personal liability card. 

2. If you travel on behalf of the university, apply for the new corporate liability T&E Card: 

  • Cardholders should complete the required online T&E Card training in UC Learning. 
  • Once your department System Access Administrator (SAA) has granted you Concur access, complete a new Concur Card Request 

    • Attach proof of UC Learning T&E Card Training completion to your Card Request 
    • Certify the T&E Card attestation acknowledging the card will be used exclusively for university business (i.e., no personal expenditures) 
    • The new card application request will be routed to your supervisor (if applicable) and the designated Financial Approver (card approver) to confirm the card request is appropriate based on your travel and other university business needs.  

Card issuance will take approximately two weeks after the approved application is received. The new application process will begin with the launch of Concur Travel and Expense.

Emergency Cash Advances

In the event a Traveler is on "Travel Status," and an emergency cash advance is needed, funds are available with a Travel & Entertainment Card. The cardholder should save their PIN from when they originally received their card. If a PIN is lost, U.S. Bank should be contacted at the number printed on the back of the card.

Note: The cash advance limit is 20% of the available credit. Most banks will provide larger cash advances when going inside the bank, rather than using an ATM.