Impact23 Summit Virtual Conference March 7-22


Session Types

  • Session: 45 min topic-based sessions covering new concepts, system demos, and Q&A 
  • Brain Break:  Fun learning activities like trivia, games, etc.
  • System Demo: Informal preview of a process in the new system
  • Executive Closing: Ask the Executives questions about the program/changes/decisions!

Schedule of Events

Below is the current schedule of events (subject to change). For ease of participation, we have opted not to require registration for each event, so please hold blocks of time on your calendar to attend! 

Impact23 Summit

  • Tuesday, 3/7
    Session Name Description Recording/Presentation
    Using the New COA

    Chart of Accounts replaces the Full Accounting Unit on July 1st. In this session, we will review the COA segments and definitions, valid chart string combinations, how to code transactions in Oracle, and review the new Golden Tree Viewer.​

    Demo: Oracle Basic Navigation & Inquiry Role
    Brain Break: New Terms & Concepts  
    In this interactive trivia game, we'll test your knowledge of the most frequently used terms and concepts that will become part of your day-to-day in the future state. Insider tip - you'll be able to find the answers on the Impact23 website!
    Budget Management in the New Systems Budget management will involve accessing data in the Oracle Budget (EPM module), PPM subledger and GL. Come hear how data will move across subledgers, where to access budget details, what budgetary controls will be in place, and how you can monitor for deficits.     
    Boundary Systems - Remediate, Retrofit, Rebuild Learn about boundary systems, watch a demo of the retrofit One Time Payment Tool, a demo of a rebuilt application, Looker, used for analytics on various campus datasets, and a demo of a collection of rebuilt work order systems into the ServiceNow platform.


  • Tuesday, 3/14
    Session Name Description Time
    Navigating Impact23 as an Academic

    We will cover the Faculty Advisory Workgroup engagement and Faculty/PI Learning Pathway/Training

    Intro to Kuali Proposal Dev, including COI

    This session will be a live demonstration of UCR's new proposal development system by the Kauli vendor. We will show the interface, the various components for submitting a proposal, including COI, and Kuali features that enhance the user experience.

    Kuali Research Tools

    We will run through Kuali features, including the various systems/processes that will be replaced by Kuali Compliance and Build in the future. We will show users a new Kuali Build form - e.g., PreAward Spending Requests, Material Transfer Request, Subaward/Subcontract Request Form, and more! 

    How to Maintain your Award in Oracle In the presentation, we will discuss how to check on award status, what the dashboard looks like, what the reports look like, and how/where to locate C&G information in Oracle.
  • Thursday, 3/16
    Session Name Description Time
    From Requisition to PO

    Learn about the logic behind why/when users should select the Purchase Order route (vs PCard), show the selection of items within a catalog/punchout, how to input a chartstring or POETAF, and discuss approval workflow for the various request types.

    Brain Break: Buying and Paying Game System Demo: Office Depot Business Portal Demo



    Supplier Strategy & Source Selection

    Discuss PO conversion criteria and the Campus-wide supplier strategy, when/how to initiate a supplier request, the Small Business First Program and how to search for suppliers in Oracle using their Business classification, and more!

    Payment Matrix & PCard Program What's changing with the PCard program, PCard (Allowable Use), Eligibility, and Reconciliation
    Concur for Non-Travel Reimbursements Concur Phase II policy additions, what's retiring from ePay and moving to Concur AND what is remaining in ePay, Business Meeting and Entertainment related expenses on the Travel and Entertainment (T&E) card, employee reimbursements in Concur, and more!
  • Wednesday, 3/22
    Session Name Description Time
    Faculty Portfolio & Financial Reporting

    PI reports in PPM, Financial Reports for Faculty, Oracle Budget EPM Reports, and Oracle Department Operational reports overview.

    What's Next: Cutover

    View and discuss due dates for department cutover activities, Q&A 

    What's Next: Fiscal Close

    View and discuss due dates for department fiscal close activities, Q&A 

    What's Next: Training Training plan, Web-based and Instructor-led training, and current training resources

    & Executive Ask Me Anything

    Ask the Executives questions about the program/changes/decisions!

Impact23 Summit Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Will sessions be recorded?
Yes. Sessions, Demos, Panel Discussions, and Expert Chats will be recorded and made available to view after the conference.

Will I be able to ask questions during these sessions?
Yes, you will be able to ask questions during the sessions and panels. 

What if I want to invite someone outside of my area that I think will be impacted?
All Faculty and Staff are welcome to attend; help us spread the word and encourage your staff to join the events!

I did not receive an invite, or I have questions – who can I contact?
No invitation or registration is required. Simply click on the session name at the time of the event and you will enter the Zoom session. Please contact if you have questions.

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