Expense Reporting

The university will reimburse faculty, staff, and others for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in connection with approved business travel. A ‘necessary expense’ is one for which there exists a clear business purpose and which is within university travel expense policy limitations. The business purpose must support or advance the goals, objectives, and mission of the university, and must adequately describe the expense as a necessary, reasonable, and appropriate business expense for the university. Eligible employees may be issued a Travel & Entertainment Card for purchases related to official UCR business. 

Reconciliation of T&E Card expenses and travel reimbursements must be processed using Concur.

Employee Expenses

The employee can create the report, attach supporting documentation (receipts, etc.) and submit the report for approval and processing.

Departments/Employees also have the option of using a Travel Arranger delegate for assistance. On the employee’s behalf, a Travel Arranger can create the expense report and attach supporting documentation. Once created, the delegate will notify the employee when the report is ready to review and submit.

Employees must still submit their own expense reports and attest in Concur. The basic steps to complete an expense report are:

  • Create the report and provide the report-level information (such as the expense report name, purpose of the report, and so on.
  • Add the associated out-of-pocket expenses, attach the imported credit card transactions to the expense report, provide expense detail (such as attendees and itemizations), and attach receipt images.
  • Print the expense report, if desired.
  • Submit the report for review and approval.


Non-Employee Travelers (Students & Guests)

Reimbursement to non-employee travelers must be processed using Concur for travel related expenses. Travel Arranger's have the ability to prepare and submit an Expense Report on behalf of the Non-Employee Traveler. 

Non-Employee Travelers are required to verify their expenses by reviewing and signing the Expense Report for the Travel Arranger to upload into Concur as an attachment before submitting for approval (see below for high-level steps).