Grow your knowledge and enhance your expertise through convenient, on-demand resources, including the Impact23 website, comprehensive training, and guided learning support.

Community of Practice

Join the Impact23 Community of Practice! By utilizing your organization's dedicated channel and connecting in the finance community channels, department colleagues are ready to assist you, share valuable knowledge, and help guide you during stabilization.

Office Hours Support

Office hours are informal sessions where personnel from central offices and department volunteers are available to assist users who have access to our new finance and research systems. Office hours are a valuable opportunity to interact with colleagues and get your specific questions addressed.

Request Help Ticket

Find answers, request services, or get help from our team by submitting a request help ticket in the Finance and Administration Support portal.

Concierge Helpline

Finance and Administration concierge agents are knowledgeable representatives who answer your call to address your inquiries, troubleshoot issues, and collaborate with you to find solutions.