Department SAA Action Required – Concur Phase II Role and Routing

Dear Department SAAs, The Impact23 Program Concur Phase II deploys on July 5 th. As discussed in the User Groups and SAA Training sessions, Concur roles have been updated to accommodate the expanded functionality being deployed. Certain EACS actions require immediate attention to avoid disruption in workflows and reimbursement delays. While many Concur Phase I...
By Bobbi McCracken | | Cutover Activities, Announcements

Guided Learning Update — Guidance for the Manual Installation of Oracle Guided Learning

Dear Finance & Administrative Leaders, In our previous email communication, we introduced two digital adoption platforms (DAPs) that will supplement existing Impact23 training resources : Oracle Guided Learning and WalkMe . We also shared the WalkMe Browser Extension Installation Guidance to help your team with deployment. We are now able to provide guidance for Oracle...

Impact23 Financial System Replacement Program Go-Live Confirmed

The journey to replace our outdated financial systems commenced over two years ago. Since then, UC Riverside has invested significant intellectual capital into redesigning the new UCR Chart of Accounts (COA), business processes and configuring our new integrated systems which include: Oracle Financials; our new procurement and financial system; Concur, our new travel and expense...
By Gerry Bomotti | | Cutover Activities, Announcements

Department SAAs – Urgent Role Assignments Needed by 7/3

Dear Department SAAs, An urgent action is required to facilitate the conversion of eBuy purchase orders. Please immediately assign the following EACS Oracle Financial role: “UCR Purchasing Department Fiscal Approver JR” (Approver). Assign this role to the financial manager(s) in your respective Accountability Structures before July 3rd. This action is crucial for the smooth execution...
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Important Guidance on New Work Order System

Dear Campus Work Order Transactor, As you may know, UCR’s planned financial systems upgrade is taking place in the coming month ( learn about Impact23). With this comes the introduction of the new Work Order System, which will replace several existing systems at UCR and will be used to submit requests that cover the following...
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Impact23 Guided Learning Update

Please ensure your team has the needed browser extensions.
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Action Required: Roles Assignments for Impact23 Production Applications

Dear Department SAAs, Thank you for your assistance in provisioning roles for Oracle Training sessions. As the campus prepares for the Impact23 Program Oracle deployment, your support in assigning roles for the new production applications is requested. The appropriate assignment of user roles in your Accountability Structures is crucial for a successful implementation. To facilitate...
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Purchase Order Conversion for Oracle Procurement

As the campus transitions to Oracle Procurement under the Impact23 Program, additional details on eBuy Purchase Order (PO) conversion criteria are provided below along with information on identifying converted POs in Oracle. Understanding the approach will help units prepare for any Oracle adjustments that may be needed.
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Procedural Changes Related to Business Meetings and Entertainment

In preparation for data conversion/fiscal closing, several procedural changes related to Business Meetings and Entertainment reimbursements and payments are being implemented.
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PAMIS eCAF Sunset and Transition to KUALI

The implementation of the new Kuali Research system will unavoidably require a transition period from the current PAMIS system* to the new one**.
By Charles Greer Jr. | | Cutover Activities, Announcements

Impact23 Procurement Preparation Activities for Departments

UC Riverside’s eBuy procurement system will be replaced with the new Oracle Procurement module as part of the Impact23 program in July 2023. Several procurement related actions are required to assist with the transition to Oracle, minimize disruptions to your department purchasing activities, and facilitate the conversion of eBuy orders to avoid rework.
By Bobbi McCracken | | Cutover Activities