Known Issue information: Concur - Financial Reporting 

Concur expense reports (Travel, non-travel, and PCard) were not paid and not appearing in ledger or Looker. These expense reports cannot be imported into Accounts Payable module to pay and feed to the ledger due to various errors. ​

  • Project Errors: Expense date is outside of the award period. Accounting is reaching out to departments requesting valid COA chart strings to continue payment.​

  • Project Error where POETAF information could not be derived. Accounting is manually updating each to allow invoice to be imported into Accounts Payable.​

  • Supplier Record: In some cases employees are separated and a new record must be created.​

  • PCard use tax calculation errors: Reports are being updated in the import errors log.​

  • Guidance: If errors and incorrect values are entered, then expense reports may not be paid or appear on the ledger appropriately. Ensure that the above issues are avoided.

PI IMPACT: High - Known issues can impact data and available balances within reports

Expected Resolution: TBD