The Impact23 Program Team is pleased to announce the new Concur Travel and Expense system is now available for use. The Concur travel system deployment marks an important milestone for UC Riverside and the Impact23 Program, with staff across the campus contributing time to the business system design, testing, and department pilot. Concur Travel and Expense allows the campus to move towards its vision for a comprehensive travel system to facilitate travel bookings, reduce out-of-pocket expenditures, and expedite reimbursements. As the campus begins utilization of the new system, the program team is ready to provide guidance and support. Please see helpful tips and information below to assist you with navigating Concur.

How do I log in to Concur? Now that Concur is live, confirm that your department's System Access Administrator (SAA) has provided you with Concur Access.  

  1. To log in to Concur, go to  (Complete Duo Authentication if prompted)
  2. Select Authorized Apps 
  3. Select Concur Travel and Expense 
  4. On the Sign In page, be sure to enter the UCR email address entered in the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS) 
  5. Select Sign in with University credentials. 
  6. Once you are in Concur, it is required that you update your Concur profile

Who is Impacted? All faculty, staff, student and non-employees that travel on behalf of the university and staff that support travelers will interact with the Concur system.

It is highly recommended that Travel Arrangers attend the UCR Travel and Expense instructor-led training. See Concur Training & Resources for training dates, step-by-step guides, and videos. We recommend you keep the most frequently used guidance on hand as you navigate the new travel system: 

What You Should Know

What are the most notable changes implemented with Concur?

  • Pre-Trip Request will facilitate access to Concur features while ensuring the university’s ability to assist travelers should an unexpected emergency happen (aka “duty of care”), such as the 2020 COVID-related travel restrictions. 
    • Departments have the flexibility to determine if pre-trip requests are completed by Travel Arrangers or Travelers 
    • Departments can determine the timing of the pre-trip requests; however, some Concur functionality will not be available to Travelers like associating receipts to trips using the mobile application until a trip is created. 
    • Learn more about pre-trip requests   
  • While Travel Arrangers can support the preparation of pre-trip request, expense reporting and booking travel in Concur, only employee travelers can attest to and submit card requests, expense reports (travel reimbursements), and missing receipt declarations. 

Important Reminders

  • iTravel to Concur Transition
    • New travel requests and expense reports should be entered in Concur.
    • New cash advance requests must be entered in Concur. All outstanding cash advances in iTravel must be reconciled by 8/15/2022 and final approved by 8/22/2022 to ensure a smooth transition to Concur.
    • The iTravel system continues to be available until approximately 9/1/2022 to process previously entered requests. 
  • University Cards
    • Frequent travelers are encouraged to apply for the new Corporate Liability Travel (T&E) card.  The new card will be paid directly by the university to US Bank.  Travelers (or their travel arrangers) are responsible for associating expenses with business trips.
    • The US Bank personal liability card program is retiring. New purchases on the US Bank personal liability cards will be restricted on approximately 10/1/2022.
    • Existing cardholders are encouraged to pay off personal-liability cards and request a new corporate T&E Card using the request feature in Concur.
    • Departments can continue to use PCards to purchase airfare and lodging.
  • Travel Management Services
    • Anthony Travel is UCR’s preferred Travel Management Company. Concur Travel is linked directly to Anthony Travel's online booking tool to purchase airfare and make travel reservations.
    • Travel Arrangers can book travel using a university direct charge card by entering an approved pre-trip Request ID in Concur Travel when creating airfare reservations.
    • Effective 9/1/2022, purchases through BCD and UCTC should be paid using a corporate T&E Card, a PCard, or Out of Pocket - I.e., no Purchase Orders

Training and Support

The travel support team is available to answer questions. Please visit the following for Concur training and support:

  • Concur Training & Resources: Register for training, view guides, and videos
  • Travel Arranger Sessions: Travel Arrangers can sign up for a 15-minute session with an Accounts Payable travel advisor to get live Concur support
  • Office Hours: Informal sessions to cover the most-asked questions about Concur, followed by an open Q&A
  • Impact23 Community of Practice (Travel Channel): We encourage you to learn from each other and crowdsource answers from your colleagues
  • Email for travel-related policy questions, technical or access issues, and T&E Card inquiries


Asirra Suguitan
on behalf of the Impact23 Steering Committee