Cash Advance


Employees should request an advance no later than 14 business days before an authorized business trip using the Pre-Trip Request in Concur. Accounts Payable will not issue cash advances 10 days before the scheduled trip start date.  Additionally, cash advances should be limited to employees for foreign and group travel with a compelling financial need. A cash advance cannot be used for airfare for conference registration. 

Group Travel 

  • An employee designated as the Team Leader may be permitted to use an advance to cover M&IE, lodging, ground transportation, and other minor incidental expenses for students and non-employees. When possible, travelers should work with procurement to procure as many expenses in advance as possible. In all cases, actual expenses for M&IE and lodging cannot exceed the limits defined in travel policy G-28
  • Group Meals
    • Grocery and/or restaurant purchases are permitted in certain situations 
    • Should not exceed rates noted in travel policy G-28 
    • Can include students, faculty, and non-employees 
    • These expenses must follow the standard receipt requirements under Travel Policy G-28 for reconciliation against the advance. 

Note: As an alternative to cash advance, the T&E Card may also be used to pay for university business expenses. And, an instructor leading a group of students should use their T&E Card for group travel expenses whenever possible. Several coworkers (non-students) traveling to the same location is not group travel, as employees are expected to pay their own travel expenses. 

Foreign Travel

  • An advance for foreign travel should be based on the amount of estimated expenses such as: 
    • M&IE and lodging based on the per diem rates for the locality
    • Ground transportation and other minor incidental expenses 

Create & Submit a Pre-Trip Request with Cash Advance

  • Create a Pre-Trip Request in Concur
  • Complete the minimal information required (header, add estimated expenses, and add cash advance) and click submit
    • In the Pre-Trip Request, to request a cash advance, select Request Details then Add Cash Advance and add details.

  • Travelers can book their travel using the on-line booking tool accessible directly in Concur with our preferred travel management company (Anthony’s Travel), other UC travel companies (BCD, UCTC), or other providers. It is highly recommended that frequent employee travelers apply for the Corporate T&E card to avoid out of pocket expenses.  Alternatively, designated Travel Arrangers can book air travel in Concur Travel for direct payment by the University
  • Use the approved Pre-Trip Request to Create an Expense Report

Reconciling Cash Advance

  • The traveler should report travel expenses and account for all travel advances within (21) twenty-one days after completion of the trip. Advances should be cleared by submitting an Expense Report in Concur to record the expense on the department ledger and/or reimburse the traveler for any additional amount due.  
  • If outstanding advances have not been cleared within 30 days from the trip end date, the default FAU will be charged until the trip is cleared via Concur.  
  • At the completion of a trip, when a refund is due the Regents for the unused portion of an advance, return the funds via a check payable to the "Regents of the University of California, Riverside" to the Cashier’s Office.  Reference the Concur Expense Report Number on the check.