Dear Colleagues,

MO and BW Payroll journals for June 2024 are now posted to the ledger and details available in Looker – Payroll.  Due to the unforeseen delay in posting payroll journals, some of the previous communicated deadlines have been extended as indicated below. 


Completed By Date




July 09 by 5pm


Accounting Office

Accruals and Deferrals

  • Requests for accruals and deferrals of FY2023/24 expenses and/or revenues must be received in the Accounting Office by 5pm July9th. Every effort will be made to process all accruals/deferrals so that they are included in the ledgers published on July 9th.


July 05


Accounting Office

Ledger Reconciliation and Storage System (LRSS)

  • Reconciled May ledgers should be reviewed and certified via LRSS (Certifier role) to allow errors to be identified, corrected and reflected on the Period 12 ledgers

July 09 at 5:00pm

Accounting Office

Non-Payroll Expenditure Cost Transfers

  • All Non-Payroll Cost Transfers affecting fiscal year 2023/24 must be completed and approved for posting no later than 5:00

p.m. on July 9th to be recorded in Period 12 ledgers

  • Units should coordinate timing of approvals according. Guidance will be issued on how unapproved will be handled (e.g., deleted, returned to transactors, processed in July, etc.)
  • Only costs related to FY24 will be available in the application until this date
  • The expenditure item date will default to 6/30/2024

July 12 at 4:00pm

Financial Planning & Analysis

Temporary Budget Adjustments

  • Please note that all adjustments must be completed by July 10th at 4:00 p.m. in order to be reflected on the 2024-06 (Period 12) Financial Transaction Detail Reports

July 17

Accounting Office

Approximate date the Preliminary June 2024 will be available


Asirra Suguitan
Associate Vice Chancellor and Campus Controller
Business and Financial Services (BFS) | Accounting Office

Stephanie Flores
Executive Director
Financial Planning & Analysis Department