Dear Colleagues,  

As the campus prepares to deploy Concur Travel & Expense, we would like to make you aware of some upcoming opportunities to learn more about the system. We ask that you attend upcoming Travel Users Group meetings to better understand the product, learn about opportunities to participate in testing, and the anticipated benefits of the program. 

On behalf of the Impact23 program, we are pleased to announce that Concur Travel & Expense will replace UCR’s iTravel system. Concur Travel & Expense is a fully automated, end-to-end, customer-focused travel and expense solution. Over the next few months, you will learn more about the system implementation, but below are the anticipated benefits.  

 The new Concur Travel & Expense platform will: 

  • Facilitate the completion of travel-related expense reimbursements  
  • Allow on-the-go capabilities through user-friendly mobile applications  
  • Provide travelers the ability to upload receipts throughout the travel process 
  • Provide pre-populated expense reports 
  • Improve the university travel card program  
  • Provide pre-travel, travel booking, and expense reports within one solution  

We look forward to sharing more with you regarding Concur Travel & Expense.