Travelers must adequately account to UC Riverside for expenses on a Travel Expense Report within a reasonable period of time. Please keep in mind that the Concur user is the traveler or the employee who paid for the incurred expense(s). Policy Reminders:

  • Travel Expense Claim: Travelers must report all travel expenses (T&E Card transactions, out-of-pocket expenses, cash advances, and prepayments) on a Travel Expense Report within 30 days after the trip end date. When a trip lasts more than 90 days, the traveler must submit a quarterly Travel Expense Report.
  • Travel Cash Advance: If the cash advance is unrecovered or not reconciled within 120 days of the trip end date, the University is obligated under IRS regulations to consider such amounts as income to the employee via the payroll system.
  • Travel & Entertainment Card: Cardholders should use the T&E Card to pay for their business travel expenses. It must never be used for personal purchases. If any transaction includes a personal/non-reimbursable expense, the cardholder is liable and must reimburse UC Riverside at the time of reconciliation. Work with your departmental staff on repaying the University (your department) for the erroneous charge.