Travel Requests

Requests in Concur are used to obtain pre-trip approval for travel and for eligible employees to apply for and manage the Travel and Entertainment (T&E) Card used to pay for University-approved travel and business-related expenses.



Travel & Entertainment Card Request 

The new T&E Card program provides several benefits to the cardholder and university, including:  

  • The card balance is paid in full each billing cycle by the university 
  • Reduction of out-of-pocket expenses for travelers 
  • Access to transactional activity by the cardholder’s department  
  • Integration of card transactions to facilitate expense reporting in Concur
  • No late fees  

Learn about the T&E Card program


Pre-Trip Request 

An approved pre-trip request for travel is required before an expense report can be submitted for approval.

  • Pre-trip requests should provide estimates for expenses related to a trip regardless of how it is to be paid (University paid or out of pocket).
  • The Pre-trip Request is best practice from a Duty of Care & Risk Management perspective
  • Booking through Anthony Travel (or ConnexUC) will automatically register them with UC Away
  • Facilitates completion of timely expense reports and reconciliation of corporate charges

Learn about Pre-Trip Requests