Concur Basics & Profile Setup

Travelers must complete their Concur Profile in its entirety before traveling on official university business. Follow Updating your Concur Profile and review the guidance below to set up or change your personal preferences. To access your profile in Concur Travel and Expense: click on Profile --> Profile Settings. The Profile Options page appears.

  • Profile Information & Travel Settings

    This guide outlines the steps to update your expense and travel profile: Updating your Concur Profile

    You can update information, such as personal information, contact information, email addresses, and travel preferences. You can view the approvers of requests and expense reports, adjust system settings, activate e-receipts to use in expense reports, and download the Concur mobile app to capture receipts on the go. This guide is not comprehensive; it is meant to communicate the most commonly used Concur profile features and to facilitate timely approvals and travel reimbursements.

    Notes: 1) It is highly recommended that you verify your email address, validate your legal name for air travel, and enable e-Receipts
    2) You also need to update your travel preferences.

    This guide covers the following topics:

    • Updating your information
    • Updating request and expense settings
    • Updating system settings
  • Request & Expense Information

    Completing the Request Information & Expense Information is optional. If you consistently use the same department chartstring for travel and route requests/expense reports to the same Financial Approver, then entering request and expense information can reduce the chance of inadvertently entering an incorrect FAU on a travel report and expedite the expense reconciliation process. We do not recommend enabling a default FAU for expenses if use various department funding sources for your University business travel.

  • Travel Arranger Delegate Information

    Request & Expense Delegates (Email Settings)

    Emails to Travel Arranger Delegates are controlled by the Receives Emails and Receives Approval Emails settings on the delegate assignment under Request/Expense Delegates.

    AggieTravel Expense Delegate Email Notifications

    Travel Arranger Delegates will receive the following emails when Receives Emails is checked:

    • workflow status change notifications (i.e. when a report is returned for correction)
    • email reminders
    • image received notification
    • new company card transactions notification

    View Who You are a Travel Arranger Delegate For

    1. Go to Profile, then Profile Settings
    2. From the Request or Expense Delegates page, select the ‘Delegate For’ tab.
    3. Review the people you have been granted delegate status and what permissions you have been granted.


    Acting as a Travel Arranger Delegate

    1. On Concur homepage, click Profile (top right).
    2. Select Act on behalf of another user – search the name of the person you are a delegate for.
    3. Click Start Session.

    You can now see at the top right corner the name of the person you are Acting As

  • Personal Car Registration

    Identifying a personal car in your Concur profile is required for mileage reimbursement.

    To Register a Car:

    1. Click Personal Car under the Expense Settings in your Concur Profile. 
      Profile → Profile Settings → Personal Car (left menu)
    2. On the Personal Car Registration page, click New to register a car
    3. Enter the Vehicle ID - Suggestion: Name the vehicle the mileage type
    4. Select the Vehicle Type
    5. Click Save.

    To Edit or Remove a Car:

    1. On the Personal Car Registration page, select the check box to the left of the car that you want to edit or remove.
    2. Edit the Vehicle ID or Vehicle Type, or select Remove.
    3. Complete the final confirmation by clicking OK.

    Please note: Reimbursable mileage rates depend on the type of University business the traveler is doing. Refer to travel policy G-28 for the specific mileage rates and explanations of mileage types.

  • Register with Mobile Apps

    Access Concur from your mobile device with Concur Mobile. You can also organize all aspects of your travel with TripIt Pro. Visit our Mobile Apps web page.

  • Concur Approval Workflows (Routing)

    There are four types of approvals in Concur: a Request, a Cash Advance, a Card Request, or an Expense Report.

    Access Your Approvals

    You can access your approvals in two ways:

    1. On the menu, click Approvals.
    2. In the My Tasks section of the home page, click the Required Approvals heading, which reflects the number of items that require your attention.

    Travel Request Approvals

    The request approver can approve the authorization request "as is," or send the request back to the employee.

    • A travel request that does not include a cash advance routes:
      • Traveler → Financial Approver → Request Approved
    • A travel request that includes a cash advance request routes: 
      • Traveler → Financial Approver → Cash Advance Administrator → Request Approved


    Cash Advance Approvals

    Typically, processing a cash advance is a three-step process:

    1. The user creates a travel request and includes the cash advance request on the request header.
    2. Once submitted, the request routes for approval (as indicated above).
    3. Once approved, the cash advance request is sent to a Cash Advance administrator who either issues it or returns it to the employee (for example, for additional information). 

    If the Cash Advance Administrator approves, the funds are distributed to the traveler.


    • A cash advance approver may or may not be the employee's manager and may or may not be the employee's expense report approver.
    • A cash advance approver can approve the cash advance "as is" or send back the request to the employee (for example, for additional information).

    Card Request Approvals

    Initiator → Supervisor Approval (if applicable) → Department Head Approver → Exception Approver (if Card Request is for the Department Head)  Card Administrator  Card Issuance

    Typically, processing a card request is a multi-step process:

    1. The user creates a new Request and selects Card Request for the appropriate Card Type (in Concur and provide 
    2. Once submitted, the request routes for departmental approval (as indicated above). Department Heads MUST confirm the appropriateness of default FAU and modify it as necessary. Outstanding transactions will be charged to the department's default chart string, and when necessary, the Business Unit is responsible for performing the collection process.
    3. Once approved by the Card Administrator (T&E Card or PCard Administrator), the card request is sent to US Bank to fulfill and issue the card. 


    Expense Reports

    Expense Reports route as follows:

    • Travel:
      • Traveler → Financial Approver → Exception Approver (if applicable) → Executive Approver (if applicable)  Accounts Payable  Fully Approved

    Note: Intercollegiate Athletics has two additional approval steps before stopping with the Financial Approver (Athletics Supervisor → Athletics Compliance)

    As an approver, you can review the report and then:

    • Approve an expense report "as is."
    • Attach additional receipt images or documentation to the report - This process is similar to attaching receipts to your own expense reports. 
    • Adjust expense account allocations:
      1. On the home page, in the Required Approvals section of My Tasks, click the desired report. The report appears.
      2. Click the expense. The expense details appear on the Expense tab.
      3. Click the Allocate button. Adjust the accounting string.
      4. Click Save. The allocation icon appears with the expense.
      5. To approve the report with the revised accounting string, click Approve.
    • Send an expense report back to the employee:
      1. On the home page, in the Required Approvals section of My Tasks, click the desired report. The report appears.
      2. Click Send Back to Employee. The Send Back Report window appears.
      3. Enter a detailed comment for the employee explaining why you are returning the report.
      4. Click OK.

    Receiving email notifications

    You can use Profile → Profile Settings → Expense Preferences (left menu) to indicate if you want to receive email notifications for approvals.