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Concur Travel and Expense: Arrange travel for faculty, staff and hosted guests. Create travel, T&E Card, and general reimbursement expense reports. Submit requests to obtain authorization to purchase airline tickets via direct bill before travel occurs.

Overview & Benefits of Concur

UC Riverside has implemented Concur as an integrated Travel and Expense solution. Concur is a web-based system that centralizes travel and card requests, travel booking, and expense reporting. Booking your travel in Concur provides many benefits, including university discounts, a dedicated travel agency to assist with booking or reservation changes, and a one-stop resource for all travel reservations.

  • Allow on-the-go capabilities through user-friendly mobile applications
  • Consolidate & simplify functions of request, travel, expense & approvals
  • Reduce time spent making travel reservations
  • Provide pre-populated expense reports to assist users with submitting travel reimbursements
  • Electronically collect, store, and manage receipts in adherence to University travel policy
  • Monitor and manage compliance for travel and expense

In addition, Concur offers mobile apps to enhance your travel experience as well as a variety of functions such as entering expenses, capturing and uploading pictures of receipts, viewing card transactions, and checking the status of expense reports. You can access Concur from your mobile device using Concur Mobile App. No more worries about losing track of your expenses when you can capture them on your mobile device while traveling!