As part of the cutover to new Impact23 systems, the project team must complete a massive data conversion. This will require pausing campus activities to allow data conversion and implementing the new interfaces for the Oracle go-live in July. Additional considerations include:

  • Key data is required to accomplish the configuration of the Oracle Systems and create key COA values used in the FAU to COA conversion in major systems like UCPath and Banner.

  • Conversion activities must be coordinated with fiscal closing deadlines and may result in certain deadlines being earlier than normal and other deadlines being extended.  However, please be aware certain systems will be unavailable for a period of time during cutover.  Guidance on actions to minimize business disruptions during the cutover period will be provided.
  • As the schedules are finalized, important department cutover and fiscal close activities will be posted here. Be sure to track important department cutover and fiscal close activities. Take note of deadline dates, after which you cannot add new transactions to legacy systems.

Additional Resources




Undergraduate Student Financial Aid 

End of fiscal year scholarship/stipend requests should be submitted to the SFA Office.



Last day for Departments/PIs to provide subaward verification form submissions.


UCRFS / PeopleSoft PERM BEA Last day to submit PERM BEA entries. 5/30/2023
Vendor Request System (Concur) Last day to submit a request for a Guest Traveler in the Vendor Request System for use in Concur.  6/9/2023
UCRFS / PeopleSoft Staffing Last day to submit staffing entries in the Staffing Application by Org. 6/15/2023
Vendor Request System (ePay) Last day to submit a request for a Supplier in the Vendor Request System for use in ePay.  6/16/2023


Last day for department PreAward submissions.


Salary Cost Transfers (SCT)

Last day for departments to submit SCT requests to SSC (due to UCPath scheduled maintenance).  6/12/2023
Vendor Request System (eBuy) Last day to submit a request for a Supplier in the Vendor Request System for use in eBuy.  6/16/2023
VCUA Gift System Last day to submit approved gifts under FAU is 6/16. Please check your unit's gift revenue accounts (B/R40000) and ensure gift acceptance forms are completed on all unallocated gifts as soon as possible. 6/16/2023


Last day eCAF submission to RED; This is the last date researchers can submit an eCAF to RED for proposals* due on or before July 7, 2023 (this is the eCAF and not the actual proposal). Researchers must follow the RED proposal submission policy, which requires the final proposal to be provided to RED/SPA two full business days before the sponsor's due date. Cayuse will continue to remain available for use until July 7, and starting July 5, proposal routing and approval (eCAF) will be replaced by Kuali.

*The proposal is the final documents reviewed, endorsed by SPA, and provided to the sponsor via PDF, Cayuse, sponsors platform, etc.  

6/20/2023 (changed from 6/16/2023)


Last day for department PAMIS BEA submissions in eAward; must have the budget category breakdown completed and submitted. 



Last day for Department to request new detail codes with FAUs or change to FAUs is 6/1/2023. Departments can begin requesting new detail codes for COA on 7/5/2023.



Last day to submit travel expense reimbursements and clear Corp Travel Card expenses using FAU



Last day to submit ePay requests using FAU



Last day for departments to process Department Authorized Purchase Orders (DAPOs). All DAPO eBuy orders must be marked as either “Encumbered” or “Encumbered/OK to Pay” to ensure they are encumbered.​



Last day for central procurement to process Purchase Orders (POs) to encumber funds in UCRFS. Purchase Order requests that are not completed by central procurement by 6/21 will be returned to the department for processing in Oracle Procurement.​


Procurement Card (PCard)​

Last day cardholders can charge their “old” PCard for departmental purchases.​ Cardholders are required to address auto-payment directly with suppliers; US Bank will not stop auto-payments that cardholders have established with suppliers.​ “New” PCard will be distributed late May/early June for use beginning 6/26/2023; distributions on new card charges will occur in Concur beginning 7/5


WO System

Receiving Services (ScotSupply)


WO System

Copier Billing Service

WO System

Facilities WOS (FAMIS360)

WO System

Web Recharge 

WO System

Digital Print Services (Printing & Repro)

WO System

Fleet Services (AgileFleet Commander)

WO System

Mail Services

WO System





Blackout Dates


PCard should be used during this timeframe as purchase order cannot be issued during this time. If you need to make an exceptional purchase, please get in touch with Central Procurement Services to collaborate with a buyer. eBuy read-only beginning 6/22.


Concur Travel and Expense

Corporate Travel card should be used to avoid out-of-pocket expenses and delays in reimbursements.



Requests should be planned around this downtime.



No PERM BEA entries after 5/30; the campus will be transitioning to a new budget process.


UCRFS / PeopleSoft Staffing

Department blackout period for Staffing Application by ORG.
No additional staffing entries after 6/15; the campus will be transitioning to a new workforce process.


Golden Tree Modification System

Evaluate need for Cost Centers and Project Codes under old FAU structure as will only be valid through 6/30.


Vendor Request System

Last day to request vendor additions and modifications using current process; transitioning to supplier self-service portal.

6/17- 7/3*


Only applies to new detail code requests; no actual system downtime.


Cash Collection Reporting & Reconciliation (CCRRS) 

Secure deposits during this time; contact MCO for assistance.


Asset Management System
Unavailable for system conversion to COA.

*Replaced by Oracle in July 2023  **Replaced by Oracle COA Management in late May 2023

Data Description

PERM Budget and Preliminary Temp Budget

As of 5/31/2023 Ledgers

Contracts & Grants-Primary Load (PI, Sponsors/Customers, Awards, Projects, Budgets, Costs*)

As of 5/31/2023 Ledgers

Capital Projects

As of 5/31/2023 Ledgers

Contracts & Grants - New June Awards

As of 6/21/2023

Purchase Orders, Suppliers, Supplier Agreements

As of 6/23/2023

Fixed Assets

As of 6/30/2023 Final Ledgers

General Ledgers Balances

As of 6/30/2023 Final Ledgers

Contract & Grants and Capital Projects incremental costs and revenue

As of 6/30/2023 Final Ledgers

Temp Budget (non-C&G) actual carryforward adjustment

As of 6/30/2023 Final Ledgers

* Note PPM costs will be incomplete upon go-live and until June Final ledgers are finalized.